Sharing My World 86

Share Your World 12/28/19

What was the single best thing that happened in your life this past year?

I woke up three hundred and sixty five mornings in a row.

 The most challenging?

Getting out of bed three hundred and sixty five mornings in a row.

One thing you learned in 2019?

It is not a good idea to travel by car on the trans Canada highway in late October in a raging blizzard and freezing rain.  Well I knew that already, but a scary hour or so of getting caught in bad weather reinforced this for us.  We were heading west and the storm was heading east, so it all worked out in the end, after I helped W pry his clenched fists off the steering wheel.

Given all your experiences, insights, and lessons learned in 2019, what’s the best advice you could give yourself for 2020?

Stop spending so much time on Twitter, for the love of God.  It is making you crazy.

What’s the best meal/food you ate in 2019?

Anything I did not cook myself.  Except maybe for that one beef roast.  Neither of us could recall the last time I cooked one of those, so it was a rare and delicious treat.  Sorry, vegetarians.  Truly we don’t make a habit of it.

That Tim Horton’s iced cappuccino I treated myself to on the way home from Ontario was memorable.  I’m not supposed to consume that much sugar, probably in an entire day, never mind 10 minutes, or however long it took me to drain the cup.  It was worth every blissful slurp from the straw.  I wanted to lick the ice cubes.

What are three activities you plan to use in the coming year to relieve stress?

Blogging, crocheting, reading, Netflixing.  You may notice that each of these ‘activities’ involves sitting down.

Gratitude Question:

What brought you the most joy and are you going to do more of that?

Well joy is a little overrated.  I can settle quite happily for contentment.  We are SO lucky to have our kids and their families close by.  I treasure the time we spend together.

Lastly – Any resolutions you’d care to share?

Nope. I gave up on those.  There is no point in setting lofty goals for yourself and failing miserably. If there are positive changes, great! If not, oh well.

Here’s to 2020 and positive change everywhere in everyone’s world.

My Greatest Accomplishment of 2010

English: Tony showcasing his "greatest ac...

English: Tony showcasing his “greatest accomplishment”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What seriously is up with this constant RATING of things? The BEST, the MOST the LEAST the FAVOURITE the single most IMPORTANT?

I do not know. I cannot choose. Perhaps I lack sufficient passion to absolutely love or hate. Most days I can’t make myself care enough about anything to spout my silly opinion by looking back or peering into the foggy future.

Here’s to wishy-washy indecisiveness and changing ones mind. I’ve answered one hundred and thirty-six plinky prompts this year. And by all indications appear to have retained some vestige of sanity doing it. What an accomplishment that has turned out to be.

I’ve stayed alive and have not strangled anyone. Yesterday I gave myself the most delightful home pedicure, and although that may not be of vital importance to the world at large, my feet are damned happy about it. I haven’t burned down the house or crashed the car or blown anything up.

So all in all it’s been a good year. I’d love to give it some kind of numerical percentage mark compared to all the other years I’ve lived, but I seem to have misplaced my score sheet where I tick off extraordinarily significant attainments, deeds and feats. (I think there’s also a column for movies and songs and celebrities to earn a few meaningless gold stars.)

Where have the writing challenges gone? Some of them were HARD, but I attempted them anyway. It was like being back in Language Arts with gawd-awful assignments that made me cringe, but coaxed small hints of brilliance from my brain by the end of the day. I miss that. I want it back.

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