Just Jazzy 145

Sitting on the deck in the sunshine gazing into the cloudless sky, someone lazily asks what

kind of birds those are, circling overhead.  Gulls?  Hawks?  Maybe they’re buzzards?  Huh.

Buzzards.  Somebody move.  But nobody does.

vac 2 001

Life at the cabin is meant to be lived in slow motion.

What A Day

According to Groovy Reflections, today is a very special day.

“Groovy Good Morning! Welcome to Monday the 8th day of April 2013. It’s Buddha Day, All Is Ours Day, Trading Cards For Grown Ups Day, and Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day. The food holiday is Empanada.”

Just when you think there’s nothing to write about, you get about five random topics dropped in your lap.  I am not afraid to admit that I have less drawing talent than the average four year old.

draw a bird 001

So I drew this bird.  On coloured paper because I don’t have time to colour him.  He is very sad because Spring is never going to arrive, according to his little bird brain.  I have been working too hard and my little bird brain has nothing much else to add to this thought this fine wintery work day Monday morning.

Now I’m off to work, where I will daydream about Buddha trading cards and eating empanadas for lunch.   How will you be celebrating this incredibly exciting Groovy Day?  Have fun!