The Twentieth Day of May

Where in the world am I today?

Santorini!  This is the spot I’m most excited to see, because my brother liked it the most when he visited Greece.  And this trip was lovingly planned for all of us to remember him.

I’ve heard the red wine in Greece is an acquired taste, so I will do the polite thing and try to acquire a taste for it.  Because Canadian tourists are supposed to be known for how ridiculously polite they are.  I would not like to disillusion anyone about that.  No hanging over the balcony railings here!



Poor Monday.  It is so picked upon.  I think if we all started calling it “Day of the Moon” we might like it better.  Every three weeks it’s one of my days off, so every three weeks I like it just fine. And just look at all the stat holidays that fall on Mondays – give people a long weekend and a short work week and they’ll willingly celebrate just about anything.

In the Thai Solar Calendar, Mondays are always yellow.  Not blue, not manic, not mad.  I did read somewhere that Monday is the most popular day of the week to call in sick and to commit suicide.  However, I have no plans for either of those things today.

Instead I am going to GO OUTDOORS and WALK somewhere on this balmy plus two Moon-day.  My sister and her family leave for a holiday in Mexico today, and I’m envying them all that sunshine and fresh air.  It’s not exactly beach towel weather here, but we do have an abundance of air and the sun is actually shining here too.  Just from a bit further away.  So envy is a waste of time, right?  I don’t like tequilla anyway. And there’s been some horrid things happening down there involving Canadian tourists, so I hope they all stay safe. And I hope I don’t fall off the sidewalk and get hit by a bus.  That should cover all the possible safety issues for now.

The 13th of February (Valentine Eve?) is Get A Different Name Day for all the people who aren’t fond of their birth names.  I have way too many return address lables to use up to even consider such a thing right now.  But if I ever have to go into the witness protection plan or get a new identity for whatever reason, I’d go with something like Fauve Dieryme of Flavia Batobato.  And never offer to spell any of it for anyone.  Especially over the phone.

I’m also doing laundry today, but laundry day and Monday being on the same day in my world is just a flukey coincidence.  It’s almost nice enough to hang stuff out on the clothesline!  But I’m not that crazy yet.  Give it a few more Mondays.