white water

                     He says he wants to brave the rapids

                So one leg in the canoe I give us a push

                        Bare feet with life jacket over bikini

              Too late I realize we’re bound to mess up

                Grab the paddles and endeavour to row

       Whack some rocks in the creeks white water

                  Bumping and tossing we finally capsize

                        Our little adventure is less than epic

           In three feet of water we wade to the dock

Poetry Prompt #6 – Reverse Acrostic from We Drink Because We’re Poets

Well this was fun!  Why start off with a frontwards Acrostic when you can do a backwards one?

More From The Autograph Files

Of all the autographs in these three little books, I think these are the two I like the best, simply because they’re from my mother’s sisters.

I must assume they knew her well.  There are other gems:


In the parlour there were three, He, the parlour light and she.

Two is company without a doubt. That is why the light went out.


Always do a deed of kindness, Never say you don’t know how.

If you ever see a cowslip, Quickly run and help the cow.


If in heaven we do not meet

Hand in hand we’ll stand the heat.


Think of me when far away and only half awake.

Think of me on your wedding day and send me a piece of cake.


Love many, trust few, But always paddle your own canoe.


All things are not as they seem

Skim milk masquerades as cream

Black sheep dwell in every fold

And all that glitters is not gold.


Many a ship was lost at sea through lack of coal and rudder.

Many a fellow lost his girl by running after another.


Life is but a one way street – we have to trust to luck.

If we can’t thumb a swell sedan, we have to climb a truck.


Drifting down the stream of life in your little birch canoe

May you have a very pleasant time and room enough for two.


It’s hard to lose a friend when your heart is full of hope

But it’s harder still to lose the towel when your eyes are full of soap.


When you get old and ugly, as people often do

Remember that you have a friend who is old and ugly too.


There was a terrible hurricane and all the world was shaken.

A little pig turned up his tail and ran to save his bacon.


As over lifes road you jog along, May you always have room in your heart for a song,

Always a rift in the clouds so gray, And many and many a perfect day.


And finally, one from her future husband, always a wealth of information, who would have been embarrassed to write anything too personal for others to see.