The Great Declutter Plan

Operation De-Clutter has officially begun here in Casa Mia.

I am writing this little declaration, not because I believe anyone will find it fascinating, (and if you do, holy cow, I hope your day improves), but because having it in writing is likely to motivate me to carry this through to a satisfactory conclusion.  In other words, embarrass and guilt me in to keeping my word about it and finishing what I’ve started.

It wasn’t rocket science to figure out that the thought of actually getting rid of stuff permanently was what was holding me back.  So now I have a giant purple plastic bin into which I will be lovingly placing precious articles with which I cannot possibly part.  (Unless they’re confiscated behind my back and I don’t notice they’re gone, but no one has volunteered to do this for me.)  So I’m on my own.

Yesterday I donated three bags of miscellaneous toys and puzzles to our local County Clothesline.  And hardly made a dent in the “toy room”.  But it’s a start. I have donated three big green garbage bags full of clothing to another charity.  My bedroom/office is next.  Walls and shelf surfaces will soon be bare while I sort out only the necessary from the purely frivolous.  There are things in here I don’t even like, but they were given to me or have some sort of sentimental value or have been around so long I don’t really see them anymore.  They are on their way out.

There will be many steps to this process – I expect it will keep me busy for days and days. Maybe the whole summer.  More purple bins are a very real possibility.  At the end of it all, everything will be put in the storage room with the door closed where I can’t see it.  Then we wait.  If in, say, six months, I haven’t missed or longed to see whatever is in there, out it goes.  I will be ruthless.

We never used to be such crazy hoarders because we moved around so much and learned to give it away or toss it out before the move, rather than pack it up, only to pitch it out at the new location.  Living in the same house for almost thirty years means we haven’t done a big purge for a very long time, and we are currently running the risk of being buried in the collected rubble.  I’m just a little overwhelmed by it all.  Time for a change.

So Good Luck Me!  Get this done, and then we’ll work on the behavioural collecting problem that started all this in the first place.


What charities do I support, and why? The list is long.

Foundations for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, Kidney, Lung, Breast Cancer, Arthritis, AIDS, Burns, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, local hospitals.

Emergency Relief, Kid’s Help Phone, Women’s Shelters, Ronald McDonald House, Guide Dogs for the Blind, CNIB, Food Banks, Easter Seals.

Humane Society, SPCA, Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Have I missed any? Probably, It’s amazing to me how much need there is in this world. I support local runs and walks and drives for whatever looks to me to be a deserving cause.

Why? Because people ask. Pamphlets arrive in the mail. Volunteers come knocking. I imagine that my small donations may help to make a difference.

Now I’m trying to figure out my motivation for answering this question. Who out there cares in the slightest where my charity dollars go? It shouldn’t be important to anyone but me.

My mother had the most generous, unselfish and giving heart of anyone I ever knew. I aspire to be like her. Perhaps this list helped to remind me that I’m working on that goal, and that some day maybe I’ll get there.

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