Carson Is Calm and Complaisant

Daily Horoscope:  Alluring is one way to put it. Devastatingly entrancing is another. No matter how you describe it, one thing’s for certain: Your charm is at unheard of levels right now. Go ahead and work it.   

Yep, that would be me.  (And also the cat although he doesn’t have to work so hard at it.)  Good thing too that I’m that damned charming because I haven’t shut up since getting out of bed today.  Really, my sister and I could save the world if anyone would just take the time to listen to us. Here’s my tarot reading for the day if you have any doubts about that.

Your intuition or a sudden insight could be healing or helpful to someone you love in a way you could never have imagined. You may have wild and unusual ideas and inspiration today. Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to share information about healing alternatives.

If only we’d communicated better BEFORE I got here, I would have known to leave the twenty odd packets of protein powder shake mix at home because there are two full unopened huge plastic containers full of it here.  The very same stuff.  I don’t think we’ll be able to consume all of it in two weeks, but we made a good start on it this morning. Since then we’ve done pretty much nothing but talk.  We won’t run out of that either.

There was a very heavy frost last night – almost looked like it had rained with everything being so wet, but now the skies are blue and the sun is shining and I’m trying hard to get over being jealous that everything here is already beautiful and green. 

I’m also completely covered in pet hair.  There’s a very friendly dog and three orange cats who will sit on the furniture first and then reluctantly give it up to you so that you can have a turn.  I could probably go through a few lint rollers a day but it would be a losing battle.  Raven is black so I can remember her name and recognize her from her size.  The three cats are harder to figure out.  They are Harry, Carson and Baby Rastus.  I have no idea which is which, even if they’re all standing there staring at me wondering why I’m so clueless.  The picture is of Carson lazing in the sun, but I know that only because I asked.  I like his laid back attitude and think we could all learn from it.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I tasted peanut butter pretzels for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at how good they are!  They’re probably even vaguely good for you if you don’t consume too much beer at the same time.  Or too much pet hair.  I don’t think there’s any nutritional value in that.  I’d ask Carson but he’s in some kind of cat trance until the sun goes down.

Setting the Scene

Broadmoor Lake and Festival Place

Where I live is a family friendly place, there’s no doubt in the world about that. Schools and parks and playgrounds abound. There are pristine wilderness areas and a gazillion speed bumps and a violent crime rate that’s close to zero.

It’s okay to call this place a bedroom community. Locals will shrug and ignore that comment. But don’t be so foolish as to suggest it’s a suburb of Edmonton or even worse than that a “CITY” on its own. Big mistake. You will be put in your place and run out of town. This is a hamlet. No one here cares that it’s the provinces seventh largest municipality and has been designated as an urban service area and is primarily a huge overgrown residential community. It will remain a hamlet, plain and simple. It doesn’t matter to us that it’s earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest. This is a place which fiercely refuses to grow up and take on any other status.

We have all the amenities typically found in a big city while we stubbornly refuse to admit that we might actually be one. Shops, malls, restaurants, fitness and recreation facilities, movie theatres and golf courses. Festival Place for concerts and events and performances by the famous. Refinery Row to the west and Elk Island to the east and the Junior A Crusaders smack in the middle where NHL’ers are often produced. There are neighborhoods with storybook names. I live in the “G” streets (where every street name begins with the letter G, and yes I’ve walked on Garfield and Galaxy Way), but I know people from the “M”s (Moneypenny and Main) and the birds (Wren and Lark) and the trees (Tamarack, Hawthorne and Conifer.)

On the surface we’re all picturesque and charming, but there is no place on earth without its stories to tell. No one here who lived through it will ever forget the day the tornado touched down way back in ’87. Weather watches and warnings are never passively ignored. And for all it’s idyllic atmosphere there are always sirens; police and ambulance and fire. Sometimes in such whimsical places where you least expect anything significant to happen, the most riveting stories of all can begin, right in your own backyard.

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