Just Jazzy 172

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.

What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Presents aren’t important you know; in fact, I’m happy getting the same thing this year as I got last year. Last year I got fat. I still have the dress that goes with it.


Just Jazzy Advent Calendar

Eve of the Eve

Since it’s quite ridiculous how many people are still shopping on the night before Christmas Eve, I decided to just join them when I finished work tonight and I bought some Christmas presents for myself.  Now I’m sitting here drinking a mug of decaf coffee made with my brand new coffee maker, and burning a stick of patchouli insense.  Which really really stinks.  But the coffee is good!  I decided (finally after weeks of deliberation) to just go with a pot that’s pretty much exactly like the one I had, but makes 10 cups instead of 12.  And one of my favourite cups holds what my coffee pot says is two cups, so it’s really just a FIVE cup coffee maker.  I’m hoping that this down size will result in a lot less cold coffee getting poured down the sink at the end of the day.

Also got some new glassware so that at least for the next couple of weeks or so we will actually have a set of something, as opposed to 14 different mismatched pieces.   And then they’ll start to break one by one until eventually we’re right back to where we started.  And about the last thing on earth I really needed was a couple more coffee mugs, especially ones as big as bowls with a Christmas theme.  However, they made their way into my cart as well.  I don’t know why, really, except that maybe it can be explained as some kind of shopping plethora.  A person just gets into that mode and on a roll and it’s too difficult to just suddenly put yourself in park so you gear down and come to a grinding halt instead.

I’m thinking those things will hold a LOT of irish cream on Christmas morning.  Maybe that thought was in the back of my head all along.

The prompt today is suggesting that I summarize my 2011 with one sentence for each month of the year.  That would be a breeze if I had actually happened to do something even vaguely interesting once a month.  But I’m sure I would have remembered at least 10 out of 12 things if that were the case, so it probably wasn’t and I probably won’t.  Give you a summary, that is.  I’m breathing a sigh of relief, and I imagine you must be too.

My daughter made it safe and sound to my son and daughter-in-laws house late this afternoon, so their Christmas fun has already begun.  I hope the cousins will cherish the memories of these times they spend together.  I’m already missing their little faces.  I’m back at work again tomorrow!  Isn’t that insane?  As if anyone in his right mind would decide Christmas Eve is a fabulous time to buy a couple pairs of glasses.  Oh yeah, I forgot – the Dec. 24th shoppers are NOT in their right minds at all so it’s anybody’s guess what I might sell to them.  Although a more likely scenario is that I sit at the dispensing table staring off into space and occasionally nodding off.  I hope somebody thinks to wake me up when it’s time to go home.  But not before it’s too late to do any more damned shopping.

‘Tis the Season

It’s creeping up on us!  Like it does every year when we’re not paying close enough attention to the calendar.  Less than a week to go and Christmas will be here.  ‘Tis the season for shamefully neglecting ones blog because there’s so many other more interesting things to dwell on and not enough time to write about them.

I spent two weeks with the four GP grandchildren last month, and this weekend with the St. A. one, so I’m feeling a little less guility that we won’t be with them all on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning this year.  And rather than thinking of words like boring and lonely, I’m trying to concentrate more on the notions of restful and relaxing and quiet and peace on earth instead.  With a lot of ‘dragging my butt to work’ thrown in.

We had a good time this weekend, even though I was kind of dreading the crowds.  Kenzie had a list of people that she wanted to shop for, and who has more time to go with you for that than grandma?  Plus a little extra money thrown in here and there doesn’t hurt either.  Her choices were all very well thought out, even down to the wrapping of the Toblerone bar for Mr. Ho (her math teacher) in paper that said Ho Ho Ho.  I think her friends will be happy with the things she picked out for them, but it won’t compare with how happy it made her to be able to give them each something special.

We knew the mall would be a zoo, but we tackled it anyway, standing in lineups and finally getting everything we needed.  We also made a side trip to “Laugh and Learn” where she was able to give me a LOT of hints about what might be a suitable gift for her February birthday.  Always a good idea to give grandma some help in that department or who knows what kind of strange thing you might end up with.

Once we were done with the shopping and the wrapping we did some other christmas-y stuff including an attempt at rice krispie coconut snowmen, which are pictured above.  How in the world anyone ever ends up with something that looks like that is WAY beyond us.  It is NOT as easy as you might think.  We didn’t have any coconut for one thing, (and Kenzie doesn’t like it anyway), or stick pretzels (we could only find the twisted ones) and we got gummy worms instead of licorice whips.  So that’s pretty much three strikes you’re out.  But we soldiered on.  The box does not stress strongly enough that you need to let things cool off and solidify.  Our first attempt at putting three balls together slowly flattened itself down into pancake shaped discs, very much like the way a snowman melts.  Interesting, but not the look we were going for.  Ever tried slathering icing all over a weirdly shaped pile of rice krispie cake?  Or sticking smarties to things with melted chocolate?  And trying not to lick your fingers??  Man. Now I remember why I try to avoid this kind of holiday fun.

There is a RESULT to show the world for all our efforts.  The generous sprinkling of icing sugar hid a lot of imperfections so I’d highly recommend that for whatever creative baking endeavour you’ve got dreamed up for your own afternoon of self torture.

I’ve also purposely kept the picture small so that you won’t be tempted to copy what we did.  We named this piece of artwork “Invasion of the Toothpickarm Aliens”.  I don’t really care if it gives you nightmares.  Kenzie refused to take it home with her, pretending that she was doing us a favor by leaving it on our counter for our holiday enjoyment.  W says he’ll take it to work with him tomorrow because the guys there will eat anything.

All the stuff to go north has been picked up!  I hope we didn’t forget anything important.  If we did, chances are it wouldn’t have fit into Dana’s little car anyway.  It’s going to be packed tight.  So there is no reason on earth to do any more shopping for ANYTHING.  Well, except maybe for whatever we want to eat on Christmas day.  I do have a small turkey but perhaps there should be a couple of other things on the menu.  I can pretty much guarantee you that rice krispie horrors will not be one of the dishes.