Sharing My World 27



What are your favorite spices?

When I was growing up the number of spices in our house was kept to a minimum.  And what was there was mostly put into pies.  I suppose by some standards our food was pretty bland but there’s something to be said for enjoying natural flavours.  When I started cooking on my own and following recipes, the phrase “season to taste” drove me mad.  What does that even MEAN??  A friend told me it usually indicates that you should add salt and pepper, so I was able to deal with that and stay reasonably sane.

I still don’t like things that are excessively spicy, and except for cinnamon and chili pepper I tend to depend on the people who make the spices to mix them up for me.  I buy those little bottles that say pork, chicken, steak, poultry or vegetable seasoning and hope for the best.

I put cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric in my smoothies every day because they’re all supposed to be good for me.  There’s so much other stuff in there, I can’t even taste them.

What object do you always have with you when traveling and why?

I’m trying to remember what I did before I started taking my I-Pad with me everywhere.  Used someone else’s computer, or called home on someone else’s land line.  Or sent a postcard.  My watch is something I never wear at home, but like to have with me when I’m away.  Never mind the time, it tells me what day it is.  And I never leave home for any length of time without carting along double the amount of prescription medication I’ll need, because you never know if the plane might crash on a desert island and I don’t want to be the first one to die because I didn’t have enough Synthroid with me.

What is one thing you love about being an adult?

I love everything about being an adult, except maybe for having to pay all the bills.  And figure out what spices to add to things.  Everything else is easy once you get those two things sorted out.

What item, that you don’t have already, would you most like to own?

I would most like to own a mansion full of servants.  Or a helicopter.  Since both of these are unlikely to materialize in my life, I’d settle for a big art studio in the Caribbean.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Well, here’s something I’m grateful for today!  There has been snow falling all around us, but somehow it missed depositing itself in our little town.  We’ve even seen some sunshine on an otherwise grey and overcast day.

I’m looking forward to casting my vote in the provincial election on the 5th of May.  Even though nothing is likely to change very much.  The PC’s have been in power since 1971.  That’s longer than my children have been alive.

As always, I’m grateful for my little art studio which is not in the Caribbean, and I’m happy to have lots of time to spend in it.  I’m grateful that I snuck this world sharing post in just under the wire before the next one is suddenly upon us.  One of the perks of being an adult is sauntering along to the beat of your own drum.


Heading for the Darkest Day

It’s officially December when the calendar says day two and the snow starts to fall on everyone’s blog.  But only if they want it to.  I’m told it will turn itself off on the 4th of January and I sincerely wish it would turn itself off in real life too.

We have one blustery wind out there that’s been blowing all night long.  At three fifteen a.m. I dragged myself out of bed to see what the hell was making such a gawd-awful racket in the back yard.  Three big cylindrical metal cans were blowing back and forth across the cement driveway and taking turns crashing into the fence with every strong gust of wind.  So I put on my running shoes and zipped up my coat over my night-gown and went out and picked them all up and put them as quietly as I could in the small space between the fence and the garage.  It would have been really funny if I’d locked myself out of the house, hey?  But I didn’t, and W didn’t even miss a beat sawing logs.  I’m sure he’s the culprit who collected the cans and put them wherever it was that they were able to blow over and wake me up.

Obviously I’m back home.  And back to work where they’re trying to kill me by scheduling me for three days in a row, one day off, three days in a row, one day off, THREE MORE FREAKIN’ DAYS IN A ROW and finally three days off.  Yesterday I spent most of the day baking apple pies because Margaret brought back a whole whack of apples from her BC holiday and shared them with us,  and I decided that would be the best way to use them up and poison my husband all in one fell swoop – with pastry made from white flour, a cancerous chicken egg, vinegar and animal fat;  fruit cooked until all the nutrients are gone and half a cup of deadly white sugar laced with cinnamon.  All those things are extremely bad for you and I’m not going to eat any of it.  Well I don’t know about the cinnamon, but I’m sure someone somewhere can figure out that an overdose of it will give you arthritis or migraines or something sinister like that.

I’m trying to stick to my regime of healthy fruit shake in the morning, dark leafy green salad things for lunch with some kind of protein mixed in, and half the time I’m so full of great nutrients and so tired from work that I don’t bother with dinner and just go straight to bed.  Thus my neglect of this space has been justified.  I’m drinking copious amounts of water.  And taking vitamin supplements.  My sister sent me the book “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis and it’s rather disturbing how we’re all over fed and under nourished.  Not that we don’t know it, but it’s hard to change all our bad pie habits.

But I have to draw the line at giving up coffee.  Sorry, but right now I can’t do it.  We’re heading for the 21st of December and all that darkness means I have to use some kind of artificial stimulant to stay awake.  Might as well be something that tastes good.

I have to go to WORK!!  Damn.  Going there seriously interferes with my blogging time.  I only came here to point out the lovely snowfall on my blog and got carried away with all the incredibly interesting things I have to blather on about.  I’m sure there will be more as the month progresses and the daylight dwindles and the snow keeps snowing.

Coffee Killers

Bottle of Baileys Irish Cream

Bottle of Baileys Irish Cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just did a pop answers thing on Facebook (it’s an application that mimics Family Feud where you try to guess the most popular answers to a question in a limited amount of time.)  I’m completely stupid at it unless I think about the question for at least five minutes before clicking the play button.  Because when that clock is ticking down my brain likes to stop working and panic about the fact that the clock is ticking down.  But how simple should it be to list the things people put in their coffee?  Why think about that one?  It’s a limited list, is it not?  I’m not so sure anymore.

The most popular answer SHOULD be nothing, because coffee really is best enjoyed uncorrupted if it’s made right in the first place.  But that wasn’t one of the answers.  McDonald’s coffee is better than Tim Horton, in my humble opinion, although neither one requires any help in the good coffee flavour department.  Starbucks ties with Tim’s.    Unfortunately a lot of coffee requires some sort of addition to  make it taste decent.  Including my own, although it’s fresh ground Starbucks beans, I just like it better with hazelnut cream.  Which also was not one of the answers.  And nobody said artificial sweeteners!  Restaurants might as well just put those away I guess.

Cream.  Sugar.  Milk.  Baileys.  I got those four fast enough.  Chocolate I hit on at the very last second.  Mocha.  Yummm.   Kahlua I missed!  Adding Kahlua is overkill, isn’t it?  What are you trying to do, make your coffee taste like…  I also did not write Whiskey, although it was one of the popular answers.  Seriously.  I didn’t think of it because I don’t understand why anyone would purposely mutilate both their whiskey and their coffee in one fell swoop.  I guess I’m not Irish.  I find the combination slightly revolting.  I’ve tried the Irish Cream cream too, and I don’t like it either.

But the last one is truly gag-worthy.  Cinnamon.  I kid you not.  I have to admit I’ve never tried it, but I’ve never tried live worms in my coffee either and don’t really feel I need to do that to discover that it makes me sick.  Cinnamon is for buns and apple pies.  Put it in your hot apple cider if you must, but please, leave the coffee beans alone.

Cinnamon!  My brain is still reeling.