Knock Knock

It’s the eleventh of March!  Get excited, because that means it’s Knock Knock Joke Day!  My all time favourite is this one:

Knock knock!

(Who’s there?)


(Irene who?)

Irene and Irene and nobody answers!

Well, it was supposed to make you groan.

It’s also the day we spring forward an hour, and it takes me about that long to find all the clocks in this house.  My watch, two clock radios, the docking station for the I-phone, two bedroom wall clocks, the computers (thankfully those are smart enough to change on their own), oven, microwave, coffee pot, two kitchen wall clocks, one living room wall clock, tv/vcr/dvd, phones…..why don’t the phones change by themselves?  And why are we so obsessed with what time it is?  This is like having jet lag without travelling.  And so far I’ve done only the main floor.  Maybe I’ll skip the downstairs – it’s going to be right again in the fall anyway.

I’ve noticed I’m kind of falling down on my 365 project which was supposed to be photos of things near and dear to me (i.e. junk in my house).  But the whole point was to have something to resort to if there was nothing else to blog about so that I could successfully meet the blog-a-day challenge and I’ve been doing that anyway.  Plus some of the crap I’ve taken pictures of borders on embarrassing if I think about it too much.

It did seem timely to share a clock picture today though.  It’s no family heirloom.  Just thought I’d point that out in case there was any confusion concerning plastic apple shaped time pieces from Wal-mart.

And on a completelly different note, is it really snow mold season again already?  I’ve been sneezing my face off for the last three days.  Time to turn on my little air purifier for awhile I guess and clear the air. It’s lovely and mild out there, the driveway is bare, the snow is melting, the birds are singing.  Seasonal allergies are just a small part of the big picture.

I have one more timely observation.  The Atco Gas guy came by on Friday and stared at our gas meter and our back wall for rather longer periods of time then I would have thought necessary to decide what kind of work will be involved in moving our gas meter outside.  Then he went to his truck and drew a rather involved picture of all the things he had stared at, and eventually came back to the front door to present me with a copy of his art work.  I asked him when they might be back to do the digging and the moving, and he said oh, spring, summer, fall… my guess would be that he’s paid by the hour, and not based on his decision making speed and number of completed assessmments.

Snow mold or no, I’m going for a walk today to stare at stuff and think thoughts of spring.  And not purchase any more clocks.  I should put that on my mental list of things to (not) do and leave it there forever.

When the Lights Flicker and Die

Candles in the Dark

How do I occupy my time when there’s a power outage? Funny you should ask – this has been the summer of the thunderstorm here. We’re trying to remember how many days we’ve had without any rain at all – maybe three in July? Not that there haven’t been beautiful hot sunny days because there have been lots of those. The thunderstorms just roll on in, boom away, pour the rain down in buckets, and then roll on out again. Daily. Sometimes twice a day. It’s getting so old, trying to remember where you put that umbrella from eight hours ago. Haven’t had to wash my car at ALL – nature’s been doing all these great power washes, so that’s a big plus. But I digress. Back to the point, because I’m sure there’s one in here somewhere.

When the lights go out I’ve found it’s a good idea to have the following things handy:

1. A fully charged lap top.

2. Lots of candles. Although I’ve noticed they’re not all that useful if you’ve forgotten where you put the matches.

3. A good book and a good flashlight.

4. A big window and a comfy chair. Watching lightning can be a breathtaking experience.

5. A non-electric can opener. You can prop up a wire rack and put a pan on top of it and a candle underneath to warm something up – but you gotta get that something out of the can first.

6. A list of all the clocks in your house, and some kind of mathematical plan on how to run around resetting them so that they’re all the same. And when you get that figured out could you please share it with me, because every clock in my house says something different.

7. And MOST IMPORTANT: somebody to freak out with when it’s all over. OMG, we were without power for almost 45 minutes!! It was just so unbelievably AWFUL, you have no IDEA!!! They’re going to try to up your story, so make it a good one.

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