D is for Damp

This is the scene that greeted me out the front door a couple of days ago.  If it wasn’t for bringing the paper in I would have been quite happy to just leave the damned door closed.  I’m not even going to talk about the S word in April.  What we’re dealing with here is a kind of sem-solid dense white rain. It’s annoying to slog through but it dissipates quickly.  Although not before some of it’s been soaked up by the bottom couple of inches of your pant legs and seriously messed with your shoes.

All this moisture is of course a good thing.  It’s working hard to turn our brown world to green.  The lawn people have been out and about with a similar objective.  All those bags decorating my front lawn are filled with nasty brown crap that they raked up and SORT OF carried away.  Now the bags are awaiting final pick up (which is scheduled for the middle of May but I’m going to pretend I don’t know that.)  Any day now.  That’s my new mantra.

Damp in this instance is merely dank and extremely dewy.  I will not let it be deadening, demoralizing, diminishing or disheartening.  (Why are there so damned many depressing D words??)  Sorry for saying damned again.  But think about it – Damp You!  just doesn’t have the same effect.

D is also for Draw Something, the App that teaches you very quickly that you have absolutely no talent as an artist and should not quit your day job to take up comic strip writing, even though what you have “drawn” is admittedly hilariously funny.  Just not something you’re likely to get paid for.

Here’s what the world outside my front door looked like early this morning.  I really should be venturing a little farther afield, but that would be risking personal dampness.  Because it rained again.  Look into that not so very distant area to the right across the street and you will see GREEN!  The grass is always greener on the other side of the street.  (And also in southwestern Ontario, but I’ve whined about that too much already.)  What this means is that our grass will eventually green up out of embarassment any day now.  I’m paying people to cut it, so damp it all, bring on the damp.  Just not the opaque stuff, please. I’m kind of done with that.

Birthday Weekend Begins

It’s been a long day, but I’m managing to squeeze in a post before the 30th of March is gone forever for another year!  Drove through the city during morning rush hour to my daughters, packed up the car, stopped for coffee (we do have our priorities) and headed north.  It’s a surprisingly shorter trip when she drives.  Not to mention very relaxed for me.  We’ve had a lovely meal and some excellent wine and and are all pumped for the birthday celebration tomorrow.

This is how thrilled one of my grandsons was to see me.  He looked up for long enough to make his head look blurry in the picture and then he had to get back to his game.  He also has his priorities all sorted out.

We are a family obsessed with electronic gadgets!  All of us have been sitting in the living room playing “Draw Something” on our phones and I-Pads.  Parlour games have morphed into something very far removed from checkers and monopoly.  The penny is being phased out and so is cursive writing.  (One of these days my lists on paper will be something for the museums and the archives.)  I should try harder not to misplace so many of them.

Every time I see these kids I’m amazed at how they’re growing up. Time is flying by.  Impossible to slow things down so I guess  I’ll just try to get a good grip on things and hold on for the ride.