Over the Second Cup

Snow Globe

Good morning world.  In my little spot on the planet the snow is coming down so heavily it looks like a thick fluffy blanket hanging from the sky.  We’re stuck in one big crazily shaken snow globe.  I’ll be out there driving in it soon.  Yay.  But not before I finish my second cup of coffee while writing yet another installment for the ongoing saga of my life in lists.  Man, I love lists.  Whoever invented lists is my hero.

These are my random thoughts for the day, in no well thought out order whatsoever.

1. The election is over at last for our American friends, and, for whatever it’s worth, this Canadian is happy with the results.  What’s good for you is often also good for us.  And I’m so sick of hearing all things political at the moment but I’m sure my little sigh of relief was lost in the great collective one to the south of us.  Time for some serious back to normal.

2.  Having a house husband around certainly has its perks.  I can give him a grocery list, and he goes off and buys stuff.  Last night when I came home he was barbecuing pork chops in the garage.  Yes, I think he does realize it’s November, but his barbecuing compulsion is proving to be a hard one to shut down.  Maybe by Christmas he’ll give it up.  Then I’ll get him going on the George Foreman Grill.  I may never cook again.

3. W has just informed me that we have a heavy snow fall warning in effect in our area and that it’s supposed to keep right on snowing all day long.  See how useful he can be?  He loves his snow blower even more than he loves the barbecue.

4.  December is the deadest month there is in the optical business.  Nobody that I know of ever decides to put a brand new pair of glasses in a childs stocking.  For the rest of this month and into the next, my working hours have been cut back, supposedly to make the wages number look better on paper.  But I also have been given the time off over Christmas that I requested, so I am not going to utter even one word of complaint.  Well, okay, maybe one.  But no more than that.  This will give me more time to shop and to make probably twice as many lists as I would have done with a normal work schedule.  So everybody wins.

5.  Thanks to sillyliss, one of my awesome blogging friends, for a lovely comment in which she mentioned the name of an author I greatly admire. I have downloaded the newest Kate Morton book to my kindle – The Secret Keeper.  That would no doubt be a great one for curling up with when we’re snowed in.  And can’t make it to work.  Even though it’s like a ten minute drive away on a normal day.  Well it’s a nice thought anyway.

My second cup is empty.  My list is done.  As long as the world never runs out of coffee, I feel like I can face anything it throws my way.  Or at least have the strength to make a list of all the reasons why I can’t.

Quality Time With W

Yesterday W and I did some things TOGETHER.  I’m still reeling from the weirdness of that.  Since he won’t be here for the election we decided to go together and vote at an advance poll.  I asked him on the way there what exactly we were electing.  (Sigh.)  Yes, I should be better informed.  But come on.  I’ve been away.  And I cast my vote for three people on one ballot and one on the other, just like they asked me to do.  Not one of those votes was for a PC candidate, so I’m feeling quite confident that my votes will hardly matter anyway.  Isn’t democracy an incredible thing.

Then while I went to get my drivers license renewed, W went to the liquor store and bought two bottles of the EXACT red wine I asked him to get.  Shocking.  It was also astonishing to spend less than twenty minutes in the registry office.  Handed over my old license, checked the information on a printed form, signed my name twice, initialled once, paid cash, looked as neutral as possible for a photo, and then gawked at the long line of people that had suddenly materialized behind me as I left.  I have a temporary license now for a week or two which cannot be used for identification purposes.  But my passport arrived while I was away, so if I need to prove to anyone who I am it’s all good.

Then W decided he would come shopping with me.  This pronouncement didn’t fill me with dread exactly, it was more like mild alarm.  No, who am I kidding, it was dread.  All I wanted to get was a simple curtain rod and a panel to cover the opening to the master bedroom closet.  I’ve moved my paint desk over beside the window for better light (wistfully hoping this will encourage me to actually paint something) and the stupid folding closet door which has annoyed me forever wouldn’t open properly with things shoved up so close to it, so I removed it.  Leaving a gaping hole in the wall and the insides of the messy closet on display, so that definitely needed covering up.

So off we went.  Before I was anywhere close to the curtain rod department my cart was half full of miscellaneous items – a case of water, a package of C cell batteries, a case of Pepsi, several coloured lightbulbs (I’m afraid to ask), two long lengths of rope, cable ties, nylon cord, some kind of electrical thing, three bags of potato chips.  Honestly.  So seeing as I was being seriously out done here,  I quickly threw in laundry detergent, bars of bath soap, a little chest (to store the ancient documents I carted home with me so that I’m less likely to throw them into the paper recycle) and FINALLY a black expandable curtain rod and a deep brown panel with dark  brushed gold metal rings.  One hundred and forty dollars later, we headed home.

Where W decided immediately to put up the rod and the curtain for me.  Lord love a duck.  That’s all I really want to say about that.  Many trips to the basement and back for the EXACT drill bit later, the gaping hole in the wall is successfully concealed.

Then he poured me a spiced rum and pepsi on ice.  Making it much less likely that I would kill him.  Instead I used my sharp knives to cut up a gigantic salad which we ate with cold chicken and a glass of wine.  Nerves all calmed and brain in neutral,  I foolishly mentioned to him that I would need to pick up a few groceries the next day because our daughter is bringing her car over to have the tires changed and will probably stay for dinner, leaving Kenzie here for the weekend.  He beamed his million dollar smile at me and promised to come along and help me with the groceries.  GAH.  I don’t know if I can AFFORD his help.

Also yesterday morning my boss dropped off a work schedule for me and stayed for coffee and told me all about the renovations (which thankfully are done and I missed the whole thing) because I work alone on Monday morning and apparently am too stupid to figure out what’s been done simply by looking at it.  I’m still annoyed that she didn’t phone first and that I hadn’t showered yet.  After next weekend, all the Saturday/Sunday shifts will be mine, so this will be the last Kenzie weekend until that changes, if it ever does.  My other two days are Tues. and Wed. lates, all starting in May.  When W will be blissfully fishing every day and not putting up curtain rods for people or filling up their shopping carts for them with random items that he can’t live another day without.

We are listening to a different station on our satelite radio!  Hits from the 50’s!  I was thoroughly enjoying being able to sing along to all the early rock and roll stuff they were playing while I cleaned up the kitchen last night but then W thought it would be fun to make me guess who the groups and artists were.  I am not good at this game.  And I’m terrible with names.  When I say I don’t know, telling me that I should know does not make me want to try harder.  It makes me want to tell you to piss off.  And go to the bedroom and watch Netflix on my laptop instead.

Ooooookay…..I think I have this all out of my system now and I’m ready to face another day with W.  Maybe sending him on errands will help me stay reasonably sane.  It’s worth a try.