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embonpoint – a state of exaggerated plumpness, rotundity of figure; stoutness: a euphemism for fatness or fleshiness.   This translates from the French as ‘in good condition.’

Yes I am embonpoint and I embrace it.  I also love the French.
Yes I am embonpoint and I embrace it. I also love the French.

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Hyperbole Could Be the Most Fun You’ll Have in This Lifetime.

Trifextra Challenge:  For this weekend’s challenge we’re asking you to include some hyperbole in
your piece.  It doesn’t have to be the whole piece, but it needs to be in there,
and we’re looking for 33 words, as usual.

More hyperbole
More hyperbole (Photo credit: soukup)

“It takes forever to get home by cab and costs a fortune.  I live on the other side of the universe.”

“We’ve asked you a bazillion times, please stop exaggerating.  You’re killing us.”

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Authors Note:  The hardest part of this challenge was, for yours truly – the ultimate supreme hyperbole queen to infinity and beyond – having to stop myself at 33 words.  Whew.  But don’t cry me any rivers, I’m okay.  I refrained from setting myself on fire in frustration.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and lie down for a couple of days.