Sharing My World 26


My world is full of photographic opportunities, or junk, whichever you prefer.


Share Your World 2015

Regarding your fridge, is it organized or a mess inside?

Well NOW it’s organized.  Because I saw this question a couple of days ago and it was either lie about the state of my fridge or clean up the mess.  I could still be stretching the truth for all you know, but there are no before and after pictures, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  It looks good.  Things are where they’re supposed to be.  Leftover containers are presently at a minimum.  No produce is shrivelling up and nothing is growing in there.  If the world ends tomorrow a lot of coffee creamer is going to go to waste.

Have you ever been a participant in a parade? What did you do?

fall fairThis picture is from the Arran Tara Fall Fair Facebook page.  Back in the day when I attended this fair there was no such thing as Facebook.  But there was a sort of parade, in which all the local one room schools had their students march.  Each school carried a banner (ours said S.S. #1 ) (way ahead of our time for hash tags and didn’t even know it).  We were usually lined up from tallest to smallest in pairs, and wore flimsy costumes made from crepe paper and cardboard.  Our teacher was our drill sergeant and probably went home and cried after every pre-parade practice.  I’m pretty sure there were prizes for best marching, or maybe even for just showing up and looking funny, but if we won any ribbons I have forgotten.

Participation in the parade was simply something endured and gotten through so we could get to the midway and the rides and the cotton candy.  I have been in no parades since my public school days.


How do you stand out from the crowd?

I no longer dress up in crepe paper and cardboard, so standing out in a crowd has become more of a challenge for me.  I’m trying to think of a reason why I would want to do that, and nothing comes to mind.  I’m much more of a sidelines/blend in kind of person.  Or even better, up two floors and looking out the window, feeling all smug and safe.

How many bones, if any, have you broken?

None!  Although the second toe on my left foot, (after being repeatedly stubbed because I am too stubborn to wear shoes nine-tenths of the time) twists a little to one side and won’t straighten out.  Somebody told me this is what happens when a toe breaks and isn’t taped to the next one to keep it straight while it heals.  Really.  Who has time to tape their toes together.

That reminds me, talking about feet, my left heel is dry and calloused and cracked.  I imagine having a broken bone might cause the same amount of pain.  So I have been treating it two and three times a day with lotions and foot creams and a couple of nights I even slathered it with Vaseline and wore socks to bed.  That almost killed me.  But it’s getting better.  Wearing shoes would no doubt help.  But why get carried away.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I don’t know where this week disappeared to.  I’ve got some art work on the go, I made apple crisp to use up some of the apples in my (no longer) messy fridge.  We have gone out for dinner twice.  W sold our old motor home which we no longer use.  That’s the ‘royal we’, since I think I was in it maybe twice in my life.  I would rather clean the fridge and every other appliance I own if it means getting out of going camping.

The sun is shining, the snow mountain in the backyard is almost gone, and soon the lawn maintenance people will be here for spring clean up.  Nothing much is green yet, but that’s normal for our April.  W is getting organized to travel east and stay at the island for the summer.  THEN I’ll take a picture of my amazingly uncluttered fridge when he’s no longer doing the shopping and filling it up with gluten and carbs.

And that’s my boring little world for another week.  I’m off to look after my feet.  I am grateful there is nothing more serious to report.


Compositions Circa 1928 (Part Two)

"Horse & Buggy"

“Horse & Buggy” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The School Fair

Many preparations were being made for the school fair which was to be held at Port Elgin on the 20th of September, 1928.  The morning dawned at last but to the great disappointment of all it was raining.  But it did not rain all morning.  After getting our vegetables, sewing and baking ready we had no way of getting it to the hall by 11 o’clock.  But we got a chance of sending it in with a neighbour.  Then the suits were to be pressed and packed and this did not take long.  Then we were all ready to go.

So we piled into the buggy and away we went as happy as larks.  Then we got to the Park.  And discovered it was to be at the rink.  When we got to the rink, it was to be at the Park.  When we returned to the park we were very busy dressing in our sailor costumes.  We had blue collars with two borders of white around them and an anchor in the corners.  The girls had white middies and skirts while the boys had white middies and trousers.  Some of the boys had to dress as girls while some of the girls had to dress as boys.  This was done in order to make the lines even.

Then we started to march.  After marching, we lined up to be judged.  Then we sang our song.  It was a sailor one.  Then the judge called out the results.  We got 1st prize for the parade.  After this was Physical Culture which we did not take part in.  Jean Nelson did very well and got 4th prize.  I also gave a speech.  After this was the judging of horses, cattle, sheep, and other farm animals.  One boy from our school took first for colt.

M.E. Scott, 1928

(I love the fact that over half of this story involves preparation and anticipation.  The fair itself, and the speech, and the winning of prizes are all jammed into the final paragraph and a a bit of an antic climax after the thrill of getting ready for this special day.  Did she run out of time, or space, or energy? Perhaps it was all three.)