Home From Home


Your intuition will be sharper than normal today. You could actually have one of those strange psychic experiences people sometimes report, where they “just know” something good will happen to a loved one or relative, and it later turns out to be true.

Huh.  I thought the tarot cards might have come up with something a little more profound today for sleep deprived me.  I’ve had intuitive bursts of insight before, but after the fact when I’m telling people I had a feeling about whatever has just happened, I’m sure they’re sceptical.  Either way, life unfolds as it should, whether we’re ready for it or not.

It’s never happened to me before, (although W tells me it happens to him all the time) but this trip every West Jet flight was delayed.  We were late getting to Calgary, late arriving in London, and then our return 1:30 London to Winnipeg flight was cancelled and we had to wait until eight o’clock to leave for home, taking a different route.  This plane was also delayed by about twenty minutes.  Another stop in Calgary (but no plane change) and finally we landed in Edmonton close to midnight local time.  Wait for luggage, catch shuttle bus to parking lot, drive home, fall into bed around 3 a.m. Ontario time.  It was only 1 a.m. here, so we should have been able to trick our heads into thinking it wasn’t that bad.  I was too tired to think at all.

The physical tired is easy enough to deal with.  It’s the emotional exhaustion that will be a little harder to shake.  But all things considered it was a good trip.  Good-byes are hard.  Leaving is never easy.

Worst Flight


Is there anybody out there who loves to fly?  Who wakes up in the morning with the fervent wish to just hop on a plane and fly around for hours and hours? Do pilots and flight attendants dread having a day off where they have to content themselves with wandering around on the ground? Maybe that’s the thing that needs complaining about. I don’t get to fly to Paris for breakfast today! Damn, my life sucks. But I could if I really wanted to. There’s a certain beauty in that.

Travelling from one place to another has never been my favourite thing, but when it becomes necessary, I’m happy that there are so many choices in how to get from here to there. And so far flying is the fastest. Everybody has had a “bad” experience on a plane; screaming children, long delays, crazy turbulence, a seat mate from hell, luggage lost, cookies tossed. The ultimate worst case scenario would be to crash and die, and if you keep that in your mind while you’re zipping through the air at ridiculous speeds it makes the rest of your complaints seem a bit silly.

So I’m very reluctant to pick one particular flight out of the many I’ve taken and gripe about it. Because every one of them got me to where I was going or got me back home in one piece and here I am, alive and happy and able to talk about it, and not so annoyed that I’ll never do it again.

Life is short. And in the grand scheme of things, so are flights. How incredibly lucky we are to live in an age where travelling anywhere in the world is possible. All you have to do is buy a ticket and get yourself and your passport to the airport and the rest of it is all done for you. Think about that when the in-flight movie is boring crap. Your flight might not be perfect, but it’s perfectly amazing that you get to take it.

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