Architecture I Appreciate

Castles and bridges, cobblestone walkways, and all things made of stone – these are some of the architectural structures that delight me. Even crumbling ruins maintain a certain beauty and fascination. I like rock gardens and rock walls and stone fireplaces. I’d put pebble stone tiles in the shower, but I can’t imagine how I’d keep that clean.

The Mary Queen of Scots Holyrood Bathouse in Edinburgh is a gorgeous little stone structure. I SO wanted to go inside it, but I don’t think that’s allowed and who knows what kind of dank and musty interior it might have anyway. Best to admire it from the street I suppose, and let your imagination conjure up images of the Queen in her milk bath, and all the fuss and bother that must have entailed.

Maybe when I’m old and rich and mostly insane I’ll construct my own stone bath house in the back yard. Infinitely more interesting than your run of the mill bird bath, that’s for sure. I’d cheat and put in modern plumbing though. Maybe add a cabana boy or two. A wet bar. Some towel warmers. A sauna and a massage table. I bet I could have given Queen Mary a few good ideas. Although who really knows exactly what she may have been up to in there.

It’s a charming little bath house, and I’m charmed to say I was there and took more pictures of it than I did of Holyrood House itself, or even Edinburgh Castle. I don’t apologize for my screwed up priorities or strange tastes. Sometimes there’s no accounting for what you like.

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