We Saw the Hunger Games Movie!

And yes, we are still pumped and talking about that!  The movie opened here on Friday but we weren’t brave enough to try to get in to see it until yesterday (Sunday) afternoon.  Turned out to be perfect timing – one show was just sold out and starting and we were twenty minutes from the next one with no crowds to contend with, at the ticket counter or at the concession stand!  When we came out two and a half hours later the place was jam packed with a line up waiting to get into the theatre we were leaving.  There have been shows every twenty to thirty minutes every day since it started.

What an excellent movie!  It’s been a long time since I read the books and I know how difficult it is to develop a lot of characters in such a short time, but they did an admirable job with the main ones.  Of course there’s stuff missing, and a few changes, but all added up it’s a laudible interpretation of book one of the trilogy.

The casting for Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne (Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth) was brilliant.  There was no disappointment for me from book to screen.  And Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy – priceless.  I’m not as sold on President Snow being played by Donald Sutherland because he just doesn’t come across as evil enough  for me.  Perhaps he’ll get more diabolical as the series progresses.  Which means I’m hoping for sequels.

This is what the movie making people have to contend with as far as characters go:


What a daunting task.  I’m glad I read the books first, but it’s a great movie on it’s own.  We were a little concerned that there would be way too much violence (blood and guts and explosions and death scenes), but all kidding aside, the previews for the movies coming up were more horrific than the main feature.  I asked Kenzie to sum it up for me in one sentence and she said “It was awesome.”

I’m just going to agree with that.


It’s International Waffle Day!  The name comes from Vårfrudagen (“Our Lady’s Day”), which in vernacular Swedish sounds almost like Våffeldagen (waffle day), according to Wikipedia. When you’re eating all those blueberry waffles drowned in buttery syrup today, or waffling about whether or not you want to be bothered with breakfast at all, it’s good to remember you have exactly nine months worth of shopping days left before Christmas.

I’ve never had any luck at all with waffle making, except maybe for the kind you pop in your toaster, and apparently that’s the worst kind of cheating.  No good at crepes either, but my pancakes are passable.  And by that I mean they pass the grandchildren test – perhaps not the most discerning gourmets on earth, but I’ll take praise wherever I can get it.

It’s a gloomy overcast windy day, but definitely mild, and definitely NOT snowing, so no complaints here.  Rain would be a nice touch, but not the freezing kind.  Just the snow obliterating version, please.

And now for a crazy word challenge, because I have nothing better to do, and if you’re reading this, apparently you don’t either.  These are the words the generator generated, and I’m going to use them all in one brilliant sentence because I don’t have the time or the ambition for anything more complicated right now.

  • mermaid
  • pub
  • limit
  • violin
  • metal detector
  • credit card
  • shorts
  • Texas

There’s a limit to the number of things a shorts wearing Texas Mermaid employee can dredge up with her metal detector in one afternoon, and a treasure worth as much as some priceless violin was apparently not in the cards for her today, so she resigned herself to the fact that it would be yet another credit card night at the pub, praying that the card hadn’t gone to its limit, and hoping for a more lucrative beach combing day tomorrow.

So, before you criticize the hell out of that, just be happy it wasn’t a whole STORY you had to wade through where you’re waiting for some kind of point to be made and then realize there isn’t one.

I’m off to start enjoying this last week of March, but I’m not doing it with waffles.  I find myself with a dog that needs walking (and a hamster that’s passed out after running on his little treadmill all night long) and a granddaughter who probably should be doing something other than playing games on my IPhone.  Although I do appreciate that she has improved a lot of my scores and reached some new levels for me.  Maybe today we’ll go to see “The Hunger Games” which opened here on Friday.  We’ve been waiting for the crowds to thin a bit.  Popcorn beats waffles in  my book any day.