Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

This morning I cut my hair myself, something I’ve been messing about doing half my life it seems.  And I’ve spent the other half being upset with, happy with, or puzzled by the results of professional haircuts.  At least when I do it myself I save time, learn something, and am always delighted to use the money and time I would have spent with a hairdresser on something more fun.  And less traumatizing.

When we first moved to the Arctic with our one year old daughter my hair was long and straight.  I wore it pulled back at the neck, braided, up in a pony tail and even in pig tails sometimes.   We lived in an isolated community with few amenities, accessible only by air, and I was pregnant and bored.  There’s a deadly combination.  After weeks of conversing with a toddler because my husband was always working or away, using up all my yarn and craft supplies and watching it snow,  I decided to hack off my hair.  Hey, it passed some time.  I took off only a few inches that first time, but then my mother in law sent me the first curling iron I ever owned and the real experimenting began.

This is me with my two babies (February 1976) after six months in Cambridge Bay and who knows how many self-inflicted hair cuts.  Once my son arrived I had much less time to be bored so the frequency of hair cuts slowed down considerably.

Fast forward to Christmas that same year when we flew to Ontario.  Our son was almost eleven months old and our daughter was two and a half.  I was long overdue for a visit to a salon.  Mothers of young children generally aren’t known for their astute sense of fashion and style, which might explain why I decided to get my hair cut in a “shag”‘ made popular by people like Jane Fonda in the movie Klute.

When I returned with my newly shorn “do” my daughter stopped in her tracks and stared at me.  Not much ever made that kid slow down, so that’s why I remember it.  I picked her up and she grabbed a little fist full of what was left of the hair at my forehead and said “MOMMY ARE YOU IN THERE?”  Yes, my daughter always spoke in caps lock.

image image
And yes, those are bangs. The shortest bangs in history, except maybe for the ones little kids cut by accident on themselves.  I thought you also might enjoy seeing W in a pink paper party hat, and a messy gift opening Christmas Eve.  And my classy shoes?  Don’t miss those.

The great thing about hair is it keeps on growing and after a couple of months I finally made peace with this hair cut.

Jane Fonda, eat your heart out.

Art du Jour 46


I’ve been missing my charcoal.  This doesn’t look much like my magazine picture model, but I’m sure she must look like somebody.  I started off on this project with the intention of drawing 365 faces.  Obviously I’ve gone off on a lot of tangents.  Now I’m just doing a count of art days and anything goes.

It was a lovely quiet Sunday here,  once W got back inside from a couple of hours of blowing snow all over the neighbourhood this morning.

I wish I was kidding. Third day of snowfall in a row.  But higher temperatures in the forecast so it will soon be gone.  I try to never complain about rain,  because at least it’s not snow.

Does this look like a young Jane Fonda to you?  It wasn’t supposed to.  What the hell.  I’ll just pretend I meant to do that.

Jane Fonda is Peace and Love

Yesterday it snowed and melted and snowed some more.  When I drove home from work the roads were icy, dry, and icy again.  Mostly the ice was at stop lights and around road curves of course, so the going was slow.  And it unnerved me just enough to decide venturing out again, even three or four blocks to go out for something to eat, just wasn’t worth it.  Never mind sliding into someones bumper from behind, I don’t want to slip and fall on my butt in a parking lot either.

So what to do with a quiet couple of after-work hours (before reading myself into oblivion) while W watches sports on tv?  By the way, I’m not totally out of the sports loop.  I’m cheering for the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.  And no, I haven’t watched a game yet, but when it’s closer to the end I’ll probably get sucked in like everybody else.  If there’s a contest for world’s worst sports fan, I’m a contender.  Meanwhile, time to check out new arrivals on Netflix.

And this is the delightful movie I decided to watch;  Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding, starring –

Chace Crawford (Cole), Elizabeth Olsen (Zoe), Jane Fonda (Grace), Catherine Keener (Diane), Jeffery Dean Morgan (Jude), Marissa O’Donnell (Tara) and Nat Wolff (Jake).  Do I pay attention, or what??

The story is predictable (not just somewhat contrived) fun, with great casting.  I cannot imagine anyone but Jane Fonda as the beautiful Grace, stuck in the ’60’s forever.  Diane is an uptight New York City lawyer whose equally uptight lawyer husband tells her he wants a divorce.  She packs up her teenage kids and goes off to visit her estranged (for 20 years) hippie mother at her farmhouse in the countryside near Woodstock.  It turns into a summer adventure of romance (for all three of them).  They attend a war protest and a music festival, participate in some moon howling, learn a few family secrets, and make some very clichéd self discoveries.

Perfect.  I wanted some mindless diversion, and this delivered. I don’t care that the movie got less than rave reviews – every movie doesn’t have to be some powerful statement about some controversial event.  Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding is harmless fun with a delightfully happy ending.  Good for the hippie soul.

The Questions and the Answers

It’s still snowing!  Here and for real outside!  Don’t worry Patrecia, I’m not going to jail anytime soon.  Unless they make ‘death by pie’ a felony.

I know this is a big cop-out but I simply don’t have the time or the energy to answer these prompts properly;  still I can’t help feeling that it’s rude to just ignore them.  So here are the questions!  And here are my lame answers!  It’s a BLOG!  Nobody cares.  HAHAHA!  Yes, perhaps they ARE coming to take me away.

Name your favourite old movie.   I kind of liked “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”  starring Jane Fonda.  When I saw that one I thought she was brilliant.  And the story was excellent, but I gave the ending away to somebody and she’s probably never forgiven me for that – it completely ruins the movie if you know what’s going to happen.  So I’m not telling you anything else.

Do you enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding?  Well I used to like to ski, and I think it’s a wonderful family sport, but it got crazily expensive and my bones got progressively more brittle and the kids grew up and W. got all wimpy about his back so we gave it up.  Snowboarding looks like fun.  Too bad there are so many idiots out there trying to injure themselves doing it.

When was the last time you saw a parade in person?  Apparently when I was very young, less than six but perhaps older than three….which would be a very wordy way of saying four or five…..I was at the Santa Claus Parade in downtown Toronto.  I remember absolutely nothing about it.  What I do remember is that my aunt was a dietician and she lived in the big city and she made us a really great meal.  She had red hair.  That’s about it.  Santa was totally wasted on me that trip.

Do you like children?  I used to be one of those.  I had two of my own.  They are a necessary evil I guess.

Who brings out the best in you?  Well now there’s a person I’d like to meet.  But I think he was killed in a bus accident shortly after I was born, so if you never see me at my best I suppose that could be why.

What are your most and least favourite things about the holiday season?  Least favourite is the shopping mania.  Although I’ve certainly been a part of that, trying to get the absolute best thing ever for everybody on my list.  You’d think by now I would have realized that it’s not even remotely possible to do that, and it’s time to give it up and get over it and just wrap something up and be done with it.  Let somebody else give the best present ever.  It does NOT have to be me.

Favourite part of the holiday season is getting together with family and friends and eating and drinking until I feel positively ill and then going off to take a nap somewhere quiet.  Although that’s not always possible.

If you could be involved in making a movie, would you rather act or direct?  I’d like to be the screen writer.  Then I could be all mad about how the actors aren’t right for their parts and the direction is pathetic.

What advice do you wish you had received earlier in life?  Do not ever aspire to become a screenwriter.  It will just piss you off in the long run.

List 10 things that you know to be absolutely certain. 

1.  There are 21 shopping days ’til Christmas.  If I continue to breathe I will still be shopping 21 days from now.

2.  Family is the absolute most important thing there is.  And the further you can extend your family, the better.  Like clear across the world and back is a good start.

3.  W is taking for flaming EVER to eat that damned apple pie.  Maybe he suspects something.

4.  Baby it’s cold outside.

5. People believe what they want to believe.  Otherwise they wouldn’t believe it.

6. It’s really hard to come up with ten things you’re absolutely certain about.  Because what if tomorrow everything changes?  Nobody wants to feel stupid.

7.  I have been blessed in this life.  I’m certain I should be WAY more appreciative of that fact.

8.  Tomorrow is the 4th of December and in one year and 17 days the world will end.  Okay, I’m not really certain about that personally, but there are people out there who are.  I certainly hope they’re absolutely wrong.

9. I am absolutely certain that nothing is absolutely certain.  Especially number nine.  Skepticism and doubt abound.

10.  I’m tired, my back hurts, it’s late, I have to work tomorrow and I’m going to bed.  Any one of those things could be a blatant lie, so you’ll just have to trust me on this because if I had to think up an eleventh certain thing I’d certainly be up all night. Goodnight, sweet dreams.  Oh and somebody gets shot in the end. Watch the movie. Quick, before I tell you everything.

A Movie From My Life

There will be no movie of my life. Maybe a 10 minute slide show. Hopefully a few people could stay awake for that.

I picked this one because it’s a lot like an ‘episode’ in my life. The one where my future mother in law decided to plan my wedding for me. I never thought at the time that it might be a way to get us to call the whole thing off. But it could have worked out that way.

I watched this movie with a friend who found it hilariously funny, but mostly it just made me want to kill Jane Fonda.

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