What A Difference A Degree (celsius) Makes

Yesterday was the first time I can remember feeling happier to be at work than at home and actually dawdling and dragging my feet when it came time to leave.  Eventually I had to give up the air conditioning, get blasted by the late afternoon heat and drive off in my oven of a car.

Now of course I’m second guessing our decision to pass on having central air installed along with our new furnace.  But that feeling will dissipate with the heat wave.  Our summers are short.  Around four in the morning we had enough of a thunder-storm to cool things down a few degrees, and enough rain to wet the grass.

It’s never too hot to read.  This is another Jincy Willett novel I devoured with lightning speed.

The Writing Class is funny, suspenseful, witty and impossible to put down until you find out who-dunnit.

Scary phone calls, obscene threats,  nasty and offensive peer evaluations on writing assignments, a couple of murders and everyone in the group is a suspect.

Maybe I’m more obtuse than most but I never did figure it out until I read the words that finally identified the killer.

I didn’t realize how dark it had become (with my tilted blinds and the reading light off because it contributes to the heat, if only in my imagination) until I decided to do a search on the kindle for Janet Evanovich because I’ve heard her Stephanie Plum series is really good.  I typed away on the tiny buttons of the keyboard and got this:

Search Results: “jqkmy rbamoniyvj” No items found.

Well, duh.  Never type with sweaty fingers in the dark.  Turns out there is something like nineteen books in the series.  I’ve got the first one now, (One for the Money).  This could be the start of something big.

I just checked our thermostat and the temperature has gone down a whole degree from yesterday!  Having six fans around the house going full blast is having the desired effect.  I’ll just slip happily off to work and leave them to it.

Jincy Willett’s Winner

What a great title for a book, even though there’s a disclaimer at the end explaining that it hasn’t yet won any such award.  Here’s the blurb about it from goodreads 

Set in Rhode Island, Winner of the National Book Award tells the story of twins who could not be more different. Abigail Mather is a woman of passionate sensual and sexual appetites, while her sister, the book loving local librarian Dorcas, lives a quiet life of the mind. But when the sisters are sought out by the predatory and famous poet, Guy DeVilbiss, who introduces them to Hollywood hack writer and possible psychopath Conrad Lowe, they rapidly become pawns in a game that leads to betrayal, shame and ultimately, murder. Darkly comic and satirical, Jincy Willett’s Winner of the National Book Award is unnervingly funny and disarmingly tender whether she is writing about sex, literary delusion or Yankee pretension.

This one I read on my kindle and thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.  I’m glad I didn’t read the small print on the cover first, because it’s NOT hilariously funny.  It’s biting and sarcastic and clever.  I like the author’s writing style.  For me, the best indication of how good a book has been is when it makes me immediately want to search out the rest of the author’s work because I can’t wait to read more of it.

It’s a breezy, cool, overcast morning with rain predicted for today and tomorrow.  I’ll be inside hard at work and not caring.   About the weather OR work, which cuts into my reading time, but also supports it financially.  And encourages it with a 40% off book table.  One should never walk by those things pretending to be indifferent.  There could be similar novels of “Fame, Honor, and Really Bad Weather”  just waiting for you to pick them up and take them home where they can entertain you for hours at a bargain price.