Mastering Recipes and Other Myths

You have to take a cup of what you think, stir in a few ounces of what you feel, and sprinkle generously with what you do.
If what you think is positive, what you feel is joyous, and what you do is loving then you will always create a glorious dinner of delight and happiness for yourself and others.  (Joseph Mozzella)

You know how there are recipes claiming to be quick, simple and easy – the ‘never fail’ kind? All BS. I can ruin anything. All it takes is a stubborn attitude and a misguided belief that doing things a little differently will make the outcome better.

Sometimes this works! Even more times it doesn’t.  But I can’t seem to stop myself from experimenting.

I believe I have mastered bread stuffing, potato soup and the ‘I don’t know what to call this’ chicken that we once had at Montanas. It’s a chicken breast with barbecue sauce, crisp bacon and melted cheese. Looks relatively uncomplicated until you start putting it all together and trying to get everything to end up cooked exactly right at the exact same moment without burning anything including yourself. And no, I’m not telling you how I did it at last, because that would make things too damned simple for you. Figure it out on your own.

My next culinary challenge is to convince W. that we should eat out at least once a day. Three times would be even better, but I don’t want to push my luck. Meanwhile (and I hope you can appreciate the method to my madness) I will continue to come up with suspicious looking concoctions for his dining pleasure.

And we will continue to have chocolate covered raisins out of a bag for dessert. Seriously, they’re good for you. They have iron or something in them. And they always turn out pretty much exactly like you expected them to.

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