Not So Prompt Prompts

Is it ever okay to lie?  Yes it is.

Share five things you’re good at.  Well for one thing, telling lies.  I’m also very good at telling the truth.  And making things up.  Getting the facts straight.  Getting the facts wrong and all messed up.

What movies are worth watching more than once?  The ones that make  you laugh out loud.  While you were laughing, it’s quite possible that you missed something else that will also make you laugh out loud so you should watch it a second time just in case.  Never miss a chance to laugh out loud.

Would it be tougher for you to give up dairy or meat?  Yogurt and cheese VS beef, chicken, pork.  Decisions, decisions.  Right now it would be really tough to give up lettuce.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution in mind for 2012? No I don’t.  But I could be lieing about that.

What’s your astrological sign?  Taurus the bull.

Name something you’d like to learn more about.  The art of telling lies and shooting the bull.  Or maybe I don’t need any more in-depth study on that kind of thing at all.