Sharing My World 48



If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronic devices and things stored on them, people or animals), what would you put on it?

In my bedroom there is a little white shelf which used to have a desk under it and so was useful for holding desk related stuff.  Now the desk is moved and the shelf has become a catch-all, but today I cleared it off and found three special possessions to put on it instead so I could share my (slightly reorganized) world with you and answer this question.  You may already be familiar with my alien giraffe.  Next to him is my Starbucks dog sporting various pieces of jewelry that I am saving even though their value is purely sentimental.  And then there’s my cow piggy bank which I love mostly because it’s not a pig.  A long time ago I filled it up with loonies and toonies saving for my trip to Scotland. It’s been mostly empty ever since.

Strange things to treasure I suppose, but they make me smile.  What’s the point of possessions if they don’t make you feel happy?  And if they all went missing tomorrow it would not be a devastating loss.  They are just things, and things come and go.  Except maybe for that giraffe who could possibly be one of a kind.

If you had a box labelled ‘happiness’, what would you put in it?

I would never try to put happiness in a box.  Happiness should be wild and free and as changeable as the weather, otherwise how would we learn to appreciate it? It might sometimes seem illusive but it is also boundless, and always better shared.

What do you want more of in your life?

Winning lottery tickets please.  Even just one would be fine.  A big one, not those silly free plays.  I was going to say “cowbell” but thought the ticket thing sounded slightly more sane.

Daily Life List: What do you do on an average day? Make a list of your usual activities you do each day.

This reminds me of the time Vanna White (the letter turner on Wheel of Fortune) wrote a book about her life in which she described how she does sit ups, what she eats, and how she likes to crochet.   The bio has been described as brilliant and brainless.  I didn’t read it because I didn’t care what she was up to in her private life.  I will completely understand if you also don’t care about mine and skip this part.  I will probably get bored with it before lunch myself.

  1. Stumble in to the bathroom half asleep and take my thyroid medication.  It works best if it’s taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with lots of water.  I think all that is true but I may have made some of it up.
  2. Stumble in to the kitchen and make coffee.
  3. By now I have stopped stumbling about and feel sufficiently competent and alert enough to take and record a fasting blood sugar reading.  If old people did not have medical issues to deal with they would have absolutely nothing to talk about.
  4. Sit down and drink my coffee while checking out on my iPad (in random order) Words With Friends, Facebook, Clash of Clans, crossword puzzles, blog notifications and e-mails.
  5. Breakfast!  Sometimes W makes us bacon and eggs.  Sometimes he doesn’t and I have to fend for myself.
  6. Shower, hair, varying degrees of makeup, take the rest of my meds, get dressed, dishes, laundry, walk, trampoline, lunch, write a blog post, reply to comments, read blogs I follow, make or add to a grocery list for W, decide on some random thing for dinner, clean something.  Oh, wait, you said every day.  Scratch that last one.
  7. Start or finish something in the art room. Even if it’s just getting things organized and sorted.  Look on Pinterest for inspiration.
  8. Wonder where the afternoon went.
  9. Eat, do more dishes, check blood sugar in there again somewhere once or twice, drink some decaf, play some games, try not to think about snacks, watch some Netflix.
  10. Go to bed and read whatever strange thing I currently have on my Kindle.  Teeth brushed, face washed, blah blah blah.  Whew.  That was exhausting. I hope you were able to keep up with me.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Our eldest grandson had a wrestling tournament here in the city this weekend, so while he and dad and younger brother and grandpa spent their Saturday at that, the girls and I finished up art projects and wasted time on electronic devices.  Well I never claimed to be a great role model. Anyway, it was lovely to have them all here for a couple of nights.

This weekend I had my MRI done (they schedule these things for weekend evenings) so I’m grateful to have that over with.  Not that it’s anything unpleasant except for the hospital gown and the shower cap thing they put on your head, and the headphones and the small enclosed space and the twilight zone noises.  And being asked before the procedure if you have a living will, so that you can dream up all kinds of potential MRI disasters while you’re in the machine.

I am looking forward to getting the results, although not to the appointment where that happens because I foolishly booked it for 9:00 a.m.  Have I really been away from work so long that nine o’clock in the morning seems like an ungodly hour to be out and about?  I mean you’ve seen how busy my average daily schedule can be.  I’ll probably have to work in a nap somewhere that day.  Hey, one more thing to look forward to.


Holiday Shopping

Do you get an early start or do you procrastinate?

Of course I procrastinate! Why should holiday shopping make me act any differently from every other time of the year?

I am procrastinating right now. It is day one of three days off and one day before the weekend and the 9th of December! The absolute perfect day to get my ass out the door and into some stores and get the whole process on the road and over and done with and finished and out of the way.

However. I dither. Another cup of coffee sounds too good to skip. I need to use my magic bullet that I bought last night to replace my ancient blender. I actually went in search of a new coffee maker but the one I was looking at (for a ridiculous amount of money) actually grinds the beans for you, making me wonder what you do if you don’t want to use beans and you want to use coffee that’s already ground, THEN what do you do, hey?? And there was no one around to ask although I probably wouldn’t have asked anyone anyway, and then I found the little water filters for the coffee maker I have now that I’ve been looking for all over the place and can never find. So I bought two of those and some paper coffee filters because my permanent filter is starting to rip at the top, so it’s not a huge deal or anything but still. And I didn’t see another permanent one that looked to be the right size, and the paper ones were recycled paper and compostible so there was no big guilt trip about the environment to face. I like that there’s no carafe on the coffee maker I have now and that it dispenses a cup at a time and I don’t know if I want to go back to having a coffee pot, and I wonder if the thermal ones are as good as people say and REALLY, why am I standing here wasting all this time pondering the benefits of a coffee pot when I could live without a new one for some time yet and it has nothing at all to do with getting my Christmas shopping done?

So to make a long story short (and yes, I’m aware that it’s way too late for that) I bought a magic bullet because I didn’t have to think so hard about that purchase and decided to go home and make a list and an action plan for a day of shopping tomorrow, which is now today, and there’s still no list or plan made but come on. It’s my day off. Do I really have to DO stuff? It’s not like Christmas is tomorrow. Sheesh. Maybe I’ll do the Christmas cards today. Then when I go out to post them I’ll shop.

Forget all that. I’m going out today. With or without a list. Do not try to stop me. I will come back and report on my progress. And if you don’t hear from me again, it’s quite possibly because there has been no discernible progress on which to report. But you’re not on my list, so there’s no reason for you to panic or get all worried about it. Calm down. I’ll get it done. I always do. Just under the wire, just before the deadline, with seconds to spare.

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