Things That Make Me Smile



There was no need for me to do a drawing today because my youngest granddaughter gifted me with this little family portrait which she whipped up in less than five minutes last night.   The bearded and moustached fox add a certain je ne sais quoi.  Towards the end she got lazy about adding hands and feet.  I know how she feels.

The drive up was uneventful, although even with clearly written instructions I was able to add another 15 minutes to the journey by missing turns and taking wrong streets.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t pay attention to where I’m going unless I’m behind the wheel.  Next time will be easy and I will knock down fewer garbage cans.  There’s a whole other story there but I’m not telling it here.

The mornings are earlier here than I’m used to with people rushing around getting ready and going off to work and to school.  But there’s an earlier bedtime too.  Not like being in a different time zone or anything and I’m confident I will adapt.

Today I got to break in a brand new blender making my morning smoothie.  No motors were burned out. Yay!   We have done some grocery shopping and gone out for lunch.  Before the week is out I should know my way around this city and be able to venture out on my own and end up back where I started.

So besides all of this, what else makes me smile?

Hearing my son read aloud to his kids from a Roald Dahl book.  We had a teacher in elementary school who read to us for a half hour every day after lunch (Ann of Green Gables was my favourite) and a dad who read us dozens of the Thornton W. Burgess books chapter by chapter as bedtime stories.  We never got tired of them.   I think he enjoyed them just as much as we did.  Having an adult read to you, even after you’re quite capable of reading to yourself, is a treat to be treasured.

And then there’s this word.


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
n. The region of simpletons; noodles or simpletons collectively.

This is my new favourite word of all time.  It’s where I live.  I am the self declared queen of Noodledom.  It’s a fun place to be, and you’re welcome to visit any time.