Where Do We Go Now (the Movie)

where do we go now

Where Do We Go Now is a great movie to watch if you like foreign films and don’t mind reading sub-titles through the whole thing.  Or if you understand Arabic.  (I’m assuming that’s the language they are speaking in this small village in Lebanon.)  Sub-titles don’t bother me at all (since I’m slowly going deaf) especially when it comes to making out some of the dialogue in movies.  So I almost always turn on the English sub-titles even when the movie is in English.  Otherwise I’ll have the volume up loud enough to break other people’s ear drums.

I suppose in part this movie is a sort of light-hearted exploration of religious tension. The setting is a small village where a church and a mosque stand side by side and the villagers are either Muslims or Christians.  And half the time I had no idea which was which.  Their country is in turmoil with fighting amongst religious zealots, so there is the potential for violence in their small community.

The women are tired of losing sons, husbands and fathers in previous flare-ups and decide to join together to try to distract their men from fighting.  They fake a miracle, destroy the only television in the village so no one can watch the news, hire some scantily clad Eastern European strippers, spend a day baking with drugs so that all the men at one point end up stoned.  There’s a lot of funny stuff.  But there’s also some harsh scenes, some romance, a tragedy, and some great music.

The over all message I think is simply to show us that war is futile.  All the fighting ultimately solves nothing.   It’s possible and preferable to peacefully co-exist despite our differences.  Yes, all those things we already know but find so hard to put into practice.

Wish List

I’ve never made a ‘gift’ wish list. If I had to think up what someone else should give to me, then I would never feel as if it were a real gift from the heart. It really and truly is the thought behind the giving that counts. And if what I receive is no more than a loving hug and a promise, what more do I really need?

I wish we were not all so materialistic and greedy.

I wish that every single person in the world could SEE the world and know what a vital part each one of us plays in it. It should be unthinkable for us to do something in our own backyards without first considering the big picture.

I wish for tolerance and acceptance and an end to religion based violence.

I wish for less magical and miracle religion, less blind belief in “God’s word, brought to you by a crew of romantic idealists in a harsh desert culture eons ago; followed by a chain of translators two thousand years long….When I want to take God at his word exactly I take a peep out the window at His creation. Because that, darling, He makes fresh for us every day without a lot of dubious middle managers.” (The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. I wish everyone would read that book.)

Reality based life philosophies and cultivating open minds could save this world. Fighting about right and wrong and black and white and forgetting to be benevolent and kind will probably destroy us all.

I wish that our global theme song for Christmas could be “Peace on Earth”, and not “Oh Shop All Ye Faithful”.

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