NOT a Disappointing Movie

I don’t want to talk about things that disappoint me. If I’m disappointed it’s my fault for having unrealistic expectations.

After hearing great things about it I expected the movie “Bridesmaids” to be a combination of “Monster-in-Law” and “Hangover” with some “Wedding Crashers” thrown in, but it was SO much better than that.  It had an actual storyline and a happy ending, and a wonderful mix of characters.  And Chris O’Dowd.  Really, what is it with that Irish accent that makes me not even CARE what he’s talking about.

But if I say more your expectations will soar through the roof and you’ll be disappointed for sure.  Just go see it expecting to laugh.  Because unless you’re deaf and blind I’m thinking that will probably happen.

A Movie From My Life

There will be no movie of my life. Maybe a 10 minute slide show. Hopefully a few people could stay awake for that.

I picked this one because it’s a lot like an ‘episode’ in my life. The one where my future mother in law decided to plan my wedding for me. I never thought at the time that it might be a way to get us to call the whole thing off. But it could have worked out that way.

I watched this movie with a friend who found it hilariously funny, but mostly it just made me want to kill Jane Fonda.

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