Sharing My World 3


Did you ever get lost?

The first time I remember being lost was at a fall fair when I was six.  Six was a magical all-grown-up age for me, so I was, of course, totally done with holding on to my mother’s hand. That was for three-year-old baby sisters, not for me.  The three of us were walking across the crowded midway to the exhibits building and I was gawking up at everything in all directions. (Even though you’re grown up at the age of six, you’re still short.) So I got turned around and disoriented and found myself looking up at a strange mother who was definitely not mine.  Panic glued my feet to the ground.  I had no idea what to do next, so I didn’t do anything.  It crossed my mind to yell, but I wasn’t sure what would be appropriate.  Mom?  Help?  Save me?  I’m LOST!  I couldn’t find my voice.  I thought I might cry.  And then suddenly my mom and sister were there in front of me again, having been missing for maybe thirty seconds total, and I was awash with relief.  Mom told me how smart I was to stay in the same spot and not go running off in some random direction so that she wouldn’t know where to look for me.  I’ve never forgotten that.  Now when I think I might be lost, I stop moving.  And thus I don’t get even more hopelessly lost than I already am.

Who was your best friend in elementary school?

The best friend thing also started for me at the age of six.  It was a very good year.  We moved to a different rural township just before I started school and at some community function during that first summer I met a little red-haired girl.  We discovered that we would be starting school together.  We were giddy with excitement. Well, I think she was excited too, although it’s possible I had enough enthusiasm for both of us.  We spent the next eight years together moving through the grades in a one-room schoolhouse, and as much time together in the summers as we could.  Shirley was my best friend well beyond elementary school, even though we went off to different high schools.  We got summer jobs together, lived together for a year at University, tried to always stay in touch.  But life happens.  I moved north and then to a province on the other side of the country.  We both got married, had kids and jobs, sent Christmas cards back and forth.  It really is all down hill after elementary.  Now we’re grandmas, five and six times over.  My hair is grey and hers is still red.  Not everything in life is fair.

Since the new television season has started in the US, list three favorite TV shows.

The only TV shows I watch are on Netflix where there are no commercials and season after season of exciting episodes playing until the battery on my I-Pad dies.  If you’re going to waste time, might as well make a marathon out of it and get it out of your system.  Or not, since that’s never actually happened to me yet.  Dr. Who, Psych, The Good Wife, Hemlock Grove (don’t ask), Sherlock…..(so now you know the above picture of London is not some random thing I threw in for no reason).  OMG!  I just noticed Netflix has new episodes of Once Upon a Time and Covert Affairs!  There goes another month of my life.

If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?

There’s just me and W.  He’s downstairs watching football and I’m upstairs sharing my life with strangers.  The mouse got bored and fell asleep.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

There are so many things I’m grateful for I hardly know where to start.  Top of the list I guess is my health after many tests and procedures and appointments and a month of heavy-duty antibiotics.  The investigation continues.  At my follow-up appointment today the specialist and I agreed that there hasn’t been any change, for better or for worse, and that it’s now time to delve deeper and excise the demons.  If you don’t know the whole story, don’t worry.  I like to be dramatic.  I’m having a lump below my jaw surgically removed in the next 2 or 3 weeks.  It has been assessed as inflammation and benign, but it’s still a lump and it’s still worrisome.  Now I have a bunch of papers and requisitions for pre-op tests and lab work, starting with a patient history and physical on Wednesday morning. All the details you didn’t need to know will no doubt follow.  Because tomorrow is my last day of work.  Now, instead of my work schedule scribbled on the calendar, we will have it filled up with medical appointments and I will have nothing but time on my hands to tell you all about them.  Hey, isn’t that what retirement is all about? I’m looking forward to it, even if you’re not.


Share Your World Week 39


I’ve Got All the Answers

Pink Floyd in January 1968 Left to right: Maso...

Pink Floyd in January 1968 Left to right: Mason, Barrett, Gilmour (seated), Waters and Wright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I don’t really give a hoot if they’re right or wrong.  I had a hard day yesterday, on my own and busy for six hours straight without a break.  Boo hoo.  At least today there will be someone there to share the misery.  And then I work Sunday as well.  There is no rest for the weary.  Or the wicked.

List three things you’ll never understand.

1.  Buttermilk

2.  Quantum Physics

3.  Chinese

I do understand WHAT number one is,  just not WHY it’s allowed to happen. Or how people can drink it without gagging and retching and dropping dead.  The other two are strictly off the top of my head in random order.  There were way too many choices to warrant thinking any harder about all the things that confuse the hell out of me.

Describe the best view you’ve seen from a rooftop.

Another brain wracking moment while I try to remember the last time I was actually physically on a rooftop.  With my eyes open.  I think I was eight and had climbed out of an upstairs hallway window onto the veranda roof on my brother’s dare.  It wasn’t much of a slope or a great drop to the ground, but scared me silly anyway. The view would have been of the front lawn and the maple trees down the laneway and a field of corn under blue skies and sunshine.  I should have taken a picture.  But that would have involved letting go of the window frame with at least one hand.

What’s your favourite fried food indulgence? 

 W makes the best deep-fried ‘fish in batter’ on this planet.  I don’t ever want to learn his methods or his secret recipe because frankly it looks like a lot of work.  Especially the part where you have to catch fresh walleye first.  There’s nothing like it.  He can have (and truly deserves) all the glory.

What book is next on your ‘to read’ list? 

Odd Jobs, by Ben Lieberman.  It’s been so long since I downloaded it to my Kindle that all I can say about it at this point is that it’s one of those .99 cent specials and it’s a mystery.  In more ways than one.  If it’s great, you will be hearing more.

Name your favourite rock album of all time. 

Of ALL TIME?  I’m not going to live that long.  But anything by Pink Floyd and Queen will make the short list.

Describe your earliest memories. 

It’s difficult (maybe impossible) to know if some of the things you think you remember (from a time when you were probably too young to keep them in your head), may after all simply be images you’ve dreamed up from the stories you’ve been told.  So the memory may not be your own at all.  I’ll share one of mine anyway.

We were riding in a car on a narrow road with dense bush on either side.  Dad was driving and I was standing behind him, peering over his shoulder from the back seat.  Mom says I was not yet three.  A huge brown animal that looked sort of like a cow crossed the road in front of us and the car slowed down to a crawl to let him pass.  My mom and my grandma and whoever else was in the car were gasping and exclaiming and pointing.  “Look at the moose!  Look at the moose!”  A mile or so down the road when everyone had calmed down, I made my own observation, somewhat after the fact.  “My, that was a big mouse!”  It was astonishing to me that a tiny little mouse could grow up to be such a great size.  It was one of those moments when all the grown ups laugh and you have no idea what’s so funny.