Art du Jour 37

imageThis was time-consuming and labour intensive.  But also fun, except maybe for all the glue and paint and paper scraps everywhere.  Now I have a greater appreciation for artistic people who put these things together.  In case you don’t notice it on your own, I would like to point out that the main part of the house is strips of paper in basket weave.  That’s how it started.

Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands and I’m trying many new things to make a dent in using up all the massive amounts of paper I purchased having very few clues at the time about what I would ever do with all of them.  When I take pictures of these finished products,  I set them on my easel so they are leaning back slightly, and the upper left hand corner always looks blurry.  Although maybe the fact that I used a lot of water on this board and it warped a bit could be a factor as well.  Life is full of mysteries.

So, bonus day.  Here’s how it looks on my yellow wall.  Beside something equally strange and in different light.  Why does my wall not look yellow??


The paint on my art room walls is called Elephant Grass and in real life is much nicer than this looks.

Before embarking on this project I watched an artist on YouTube put together an art journal page using paint and paper and stencils with a drawing of a partial face looking rather ghostly and emerging from the background.  She had a whole book full of stencils and took half the video choosing the ones she wanted to use.  With all the stopping and starting and talking and pausing and speeding up and waiting for things to dry, it’s a wonder I learned anything, other than knowing I am not ready to make a video of my own any time soon.  Mine would include too much profanity and hand washing.

I’m happy with this result, even though I don’t think it’s something I’d want hanging over my dining room table.  Good thing I don’t have a dining room table.  It might be nice in a kids room.  I don’t have one of those either any more.

Well, for someone who thought she didn’t have anything much to say today, I’ve managed to write a lot of words, as well as post two pictures of the same thing.  This blogging thing is so easy.  And you can do it most days without glue.

Art du Jour 6

All that cutting and pasting I did as a kid finally makes sense.  This took mad skills.

Yeah, I’m kidding, but I like this so much I might actually hang it on a wall somewhere.

In other news, our hide-a-bed has gone to a new home.  Young guys with no furniture graciously accept hand outs and will happily haul things away for free.  Our garage is spacious again.  W went to a mandatory nutrition class yesterday so that he can be in top form health-wise for hip surgery in four or five months.  We had a lively discussion about nutritionists and Canada’s Food Guide and coconut oil.  I won every single argument.  And then I ate a fudge bar from the freezer to emphasize my point.  I think my point was moderation, but come on, it was last night, who can remember all the shit that gets said.

While he was off hearing from someone else that he should eat a lot more green vegetables, I did the grocery shopping.  Don’t you just hate it when a store layout is planned by people who have never actually shopped?  Lightbulbs should be closer to the toilet paper.  That was one of my brilliant conclusions and the other was that I hate shopping.

To reward myself for voluntarily ruining part of my afternoon for a good cause, I went to Michael’s on the way home and bought a new sketch book and some oil pastels, proving that I don’t hate ALL shopping after all.

Have a safe and happy Halloween and I’ll see you in November (a month in which I will be writing something quite possibly similar to this every single day!)  How’s that for scary?

Those Little Christmas Card Boxes

By popular demand (okay, one person asked for a picture but that’s popular enough for me) here’s how to make delightful little boxes from old used (or brand new if you don’t save old ones) greeting cards.

1. Find two Christmas Cards.

I used two cards, one for the top and one for the bottom of the box.  You can also cut a card in two and use the front for the top and the inside for the bottom.  It makes a smaller box. Both pieces have to be the same size and square.

2.  Making it Square

2. Making it Square

So fold a corner up to an edge so that the fold is the diagonal from one corner to the other and cut off the excess on the side.  This is so incredibly easy to do and so unbelievably confusing to put into words.  Make two same size square pieces.  I don’t really care how you do it.

3.  A Square with a diagonal fold.

3. A Square with a diagonal fold.

4.  Making the other diagonal fold

4. Making the other diagonal fold

Next make a diagonal fold between the other two corners.  Then fold every point into the centre where the two folds cross.

5.  Folding the points into the centre.

5. Folding the points into the centre.

Fold each flat side into the middle (and then back out), one at a time, so that when you open the whole thing up it’s completely covered in little scored squares.

6.  Folding the flat sides into the centre.

6. Folding the flat sides into the centre.

7.  The card is now a whole mess of little squares in every direction with triangles at the corners.

7. The card is now a whole mess of little squares in every direction with triangles at the corners.

The center four little squares are the bottom of the box.  Or the center of the lid, depending on which one you’re making, but they’re both the same so it doesn’t matter what you call them.

From opposite corners on either side of the little triangle, make a cut from the outer edge to the edge of that little four squared center.  So two corners, two triangles, four cuts in all.

8.  Making the four crucial cuts.  If you screw this up, I'm going to be so disappointed.

8. Making the four crucial cuts. If you screw this up, I’m going to be so disappointed.

Those two floppy pieces that you’ve just cut free from the square when folded in will be the two sides of the box that have flat edges and no points to fold in.  If that makes no sense, please ignore it and look at the picture.

Fold them towards the centre section by section, like rolling them up in folds.  Then do the same thing with the other sides.

9.  Folding the flat sides in to the centre.

9. Folding the flat sides in to the centre.

Then you turn the box so that you have a pointy ended side in each hand with the flat side in the middle.  Fold the points in until they meet or cross or whatever the hell it is they do, and then fold the flat side over top of them to hold them in place.

10.  Fold two pointy sides under the flat side.  Crap, even I don't really understand what happened in this picture.

10. Fold two pointy sides under the flat side. Crap, even I don’t really understand what happened in this picture.

Repeat that for the other side.

11. One side done, one to go. Folding the flat side over the overlapping pointy sides.

For some reason or other, if you’re aggressive enough and pinch the corners, the whole thing holds together.

12.  Yay!  If this is sort of what you ended up with, you're halfway there!

12. Yay! If this is sort of what you ended up with, you’re halfway there!

Don’t even think about stopping until it looks like this.  And then you get to start over and make another one exactly the same.  Gawd, are we having fun yet?  Then you use what’s left of your aggression to fit the two pieces together to form a cute little box.

13.  Top plus bottom equals box.

13. Top plus bottom equals box.

Ta Da!!

14.  Right side up

14. Right side up

15.  Upside down.

15. Upside down.

I don’t know about you, but now I need a drink.  These little boxes are a perfect size for jewelry or lip gloss or hair accessories.  Or you can just decorate with them, by placing about six empty ones under your tree as a joke.

But do trust me on this one – little girls love these little boxes almost as much as they love little purses.  You might have to make a couple dozen for all the tiny treasures they’re going to want to stash away inside them.