The Bakery Down Town

Last night I had an unforgetable dining experience.  I was catered to by five industrious people right in the comfort of my own basement.

I learned about this new eatery – The Bakery Down Town – when a hand printed flyer was personally delivered to me in my living room.  It said to come on down and eat there – it’s great!  Well I am a sucker for skillful advertising.   I decided to check it out, and went just as I was.  Good thing there was no rule banning bare feet  and that no one seemed at all concerned when I arrived without any real money.

At the bottom of the stairs a sign directed me to “Go to the Front Desk Before Anything Else”.  The front desk turned out to be way in the back, but I found it anyway.  It had a sign written in red pen which said “Open, Come In, Come In.”  I thought I was already in, but apparently not.  Another sign advised me of the names and duties of all the “employese“.  Kenzie – front desk.  Kale – art worker and boss.  Omayja – hostess and waitress.  Madison – chef.  Corey – janitor.  (Well, somebody’s got to clean up the mess.)

I was handed a menu and a customer comment sheet and a pen.  Then I was directed around some furniture to a skipping rope strung between a chair and a doorknob and ceremoniously allowed to cross to the other side.  This took a few minutes because somebody had tied a few too many knots.

At last I was seated at my table and allowed to read the menu.  I’m going to share it with you just so you’ll know how difficult it was for me to make my choices.

– Popcorn (with any flavoring)  – Fluffy Ice Cream (any kind)  – Bread (any kind)

– Cake (any kind)   – Cupcakes (any kind)  – Salted Corn

– Spiced and cooked onions (you can get them unspiced)

– Salad (with anything on it)  – Dried Fruit (any type)  – Noodles (any type)

– Fruit Smoothies  – Ice Creamy Shakes  – Juice  (any type)

– Water  – Pancakes  – French Toast  – Eggs and Toast

I rattled off several random menu items, but my waitress got frustrated trying to write them all down.  She said she’d just go and get it all by remembering.  I told her that would be fine.  The Boss popped in to set the mood for a pleasant dining experience and asked me if I liked Lady Gaga.  He didn’t stick around for an answer so I don’t know what song it was, but it was definitely her.

The service was very fast, and the presentation quite fascinating.  I needed help with identification in a few cases and everyone, including the janitor, seemed eager to help me out.   A lot of the food resembled shiny plastic, but most of it was hand crafted from something that looked a lot like moon sand, in a rainbow of colours, on various mismatched plates and platters.

I had hardly stopped ooohing and aahhing over it all before I was being urged to fill out the comment card. The rating scale was (1) bad, (2) okay, (3) not bad, (4) very good, and (5) the best.  There were instructions to rate the cooking, cleaning, deep-frying and manners.  I gave them all a 10 and five messy red stars.  Then I had to say what I liked best, and I told them I was thrilled to get the best table in the house.  Would I come again?  You bet.  Did I think they should have more ABATIZERS?  Well, it couldn’t hurt.

So what do you do after a delicious dinner at a fancy new restaurant?  Well, you see a movie, of course.  Right in the establishments dining room.  With REAL popcorn.  (That moon sand stuff is kind of dry.)   I invited the whole crew.  It was the least I could do to reward all their hard work.  Seeing as how I didn’t bring a tip and all.


It’s International Waffle Day!  The name comes from Vårfrudagen (“Our Lady’s Day”), which in vernacular Swedish sounds almost like Våffeldagen (waffle day), according to Wikipedia. When you’re eating all those blueberry waffles drowned in buttery syrup today, or waffling about whether or not you want to be bothered with breakfast at all, it’s good to remember you have exactly nine months worth of shopping days left before Christmas.

I’ve never had any luck at all with waffle making, except maybe for the kind you pop in your toaster, and apparently that’s the worst kind of cheating.  No good at crepes either, but my pancakes are passable.  And by that I mean they pass the grandchildren test – perhaps not the most discerning gourmets on earth, but I’ll take praise wherever I can get it.

It’s a gloomy overcast windy day, but definitely mild, and definitely NOT snowing, so no complaints here.  Rain would be a nice touch, but not the freezing kind.  Just the snow obliterating version, please.

And now for a crazy word challenge, because I have nothing better to do, and if you’re reading this, apparently you don’t either.  These are the words the generator generated, and I’m going to use them all in one brilliant sentence because I don’t have the time or the ambition for anything more complicated right now.

  • mermaid
  • pub
  • limit
  • violin
  • metal detector
  • credit card
  • shorts
  • Texas

There’s a limit to the number of things a shorts wearing Texas Mermaid employee can dredge up with her metal detector in one afternoon, and a treasure worth as much as some priceless violin was apparently not in the cards for her today, so she resigned herself to the fact that it would be yet another credit card night at the pub, praying that the card hadn’t gone to its limit, and hoping for a more lucrative beach combing day tomorrow.

So, before you criticize the hell out of that, just be happy it wasn’t a whole STORY you had to wade through where you’re waiting for some kind of point to be made and then realize there isn’t one.

I’m off to start enjoying this last week of March, but I’m not doing it with waffles.  I find myself with a dog that needs walking (and a hamster that’s passed out after running on his little treadmill all night long) and a granddaughter who probably should be doing something other than playing games on my IPhone.  Although I do appreciate that she has improved a lot of my scores and reached some new levels for me.  Maybe today we’ll go to see “The Hunger Games” which opened here on Friday.  We’ve been waiting for the crowds to thin a bit.  Popcorn beats waffles in  my book any day.

Family Gatherings

What are your favourite types of family gatherings?

All the ones where we keep it casual. That’s why we have families, so we don’t have to get dressed up and act normal. (Except maybe for weddings and funerals, so those are my least favourite kinds of get-togethers.)

The best times are when there are no time lines, no pressure, nice weather, great food. Little kids pulling on my arm yelling ‘grandma grandma grandma!’ and my son pouring me a big tall spiced rum and coke on ice. Watching a movie together and getting popcorn everywhere. Sitting in the sun. Making a million pancakes for breakfast. Walking in the snow, in the dark, with a flashlight. Drinking coffee and watching the sun come up. Sitting by a fire. Doing some kind of messy craft and laughing at the process as much as at the results. Asking what’s for dinner and being delighted by the answer.

Not being together for Christmas this year kind of sucks. The closer it gets the more I realize how much I’m going to miss everyone and all the craziness. But we’ll make up for it soon. Anticipation is half the fun.

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My Favorite Comfort Food

Love Coffee

It’s rude to pick favorites, and I just can’t do it. The best I can manage is a short list with sincere apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten.

– cold potato salad on a hot summer day

– chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone

– yogurt covered raisins

– scones, hot from the oven with butter and honey

– turkey stuffing when it’s not even Christmas

– hot Starbucks coffee with a splash of hazelnut cream

– movie popcorn with extra butter

– veggies and dip, even though you wouldn’t expect them to be on this list because they’re actually good for you but the comfort part is in being able to eat a whole bucket full and not feel any remorse or guilt when you’re finally so stuffed you can’t move

– and honorable mention goes to toast for its versatility.

Don’t know how to answer the ‘why’ part either, because there are different foods for different moods and days of the week and seasons. A spread sheet might be helpful, and I’d make one up for you now if I had the time, but there’s some rye toast with peanut butter calling my name and I gotta go.

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If I Could Relive Any Day of My Life

Torn sunset.

It would be the day I went to see my parents who shared a room in a Care Centre and because I’m such an incredibly interesting person, they both fell asleep. It was time for me to go, and I decided not to wake them. I didn’t say goodbye. I just walked away and left them. I could have gone back the next morning before I left to drive to the airport, but I was rushed and I didn’t. Mom passed away a few days later.

I have always hated to say goodbye, but if I could go back and relive that day I would just suck it up and do it. I’d turn myself around and walk back to both of them and nudge them awake and say the things I should have said and not be such a blubbering sobbing mess all this time later just thinking about it.

Gawd. Maybe that’s not the greatest day to relive. Last Wednesday when I went to see Toy Story 3 with my nine-year-old granddaughter. That was a good day. I think I’ll opt for that one instead. Although I ended up crying at the end of the movie when Andy said good-bye to his toys, so maybe we could just skip that part. And maybe add some extra butter on the popcorn.