Limericks for Jack

Tanner's Jack, from Morland Brewery

Tanner’s Jack, from Morland Brewery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is my life so damned boring?

Yelled Jack, with little forewarning.

His friends didn’t know

But suggested he go

Drink some ale to calm down his roaring.


Since the bartender never stopped pouring,

Jacks head was soon muddled and soaring.

He fell in a bush

And injured his tush.

It was hard to explain in the morning.

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Trifecta Week 106  33 to 333 words using the Yiddish word tush – 3rd meaning – buttocks (slang)

Pine River Hawg’s Breath Sunday

I was here!  The roof did not cave in!  No Christians were harmed!

I was here! The roof did not cave in! No Christians were harmed!

Daily Prompt: Island of Misfit Posts

We all have something we’d like to write about, but that doesn’t really “fit” our blog. Write it anyway.

If there’s something I’d like to write about, I just go right ahead and write about it.  My blog is all over the place.

However, there are many things that I rarely do, and today I did one of them.  I went to church.  This was never part of my holiday plans, but sometimes circumstances pull me in strange directions.  My sister sings in a choir group called Makin’ Waves, and today I went along with her to keep her company on a 45 minute drive, and to hear her group perform at the 150th anniversary of this small country congregation.  We had to be there early, so I was lucky enough to claim a seat in the last row (YAY – I love the last row!) and watch while the place filled up to over flowing.  I’m going to say there were over 300 people there, but there may have been more. Not a good place to be if you’re claustrophobic on a hot muggy day.  Or any kind of day I suppose.

A church service is a nice relaxing thing to sit through (or in this case, to pop up and down in, to alternately sing and keep quiet) especially from a back row seat where you can take your cues from all the people in front of you, because you neglected to pick up a program and thus have no clue what’s going to happen next.  There was a lovely little lady beside me who kept thrusting the hymn book into my hands even though I wasn’t familiar with what they were singing.  It was a well planned service and they definitely saved the best for last, as Makin’ Waves sang the Lords Prayer.  It was absolutely beautiful.

As I’m writing this, the recommended tags that are coming up are all religious in nature.  My blog posts are NEVER about church, although I grew up attending one every Sunday until I went off on my own and married a heathen.  Actually he grew up sporadically attending church as well, but wishing he had gone fishing instead.  As adults we have never belonged to any specific religious group, so my random appearances at church are always very nostalgic in nature.

We skipped the luncheon provided afterwards, and went out for lunch instead.  This type of activity is more normal for me, as is the venue.

hawgs-breath kincardine

I was here too but this is not me.

This is also not me.  This selection of beverages was tempting, but I opted for fresh brewed coffee instead.  It IS Sunday, after all.

This is also not me. This selection of beverages was tempting, but I opted for fresh brewed coffee instead. It IS Sunday, after all.

Only three more days left in my Ontario holiday and then I head back home and back to normal.  Churchless once more.

Overheard at My Own Funeral

I’m not having a funeral, or a memorial, or a wake or any of those morbid dreary things. (Anyone out there listening?) But if people decide to get together, I guess I’ll be in no condition to stop them. I sincerely hope they are smart enough to put the “fun” in funeral.  Celebrate my life.  And then please go ahead, guilt free, and get on with your own.

Maggie Miley’s Irish Pub

1. She choked on a ham sandwich? Really? Isn’t that how Mama Cass died?

2. She HATED the nauseating scent of a room full of flowers. Who the hell allowed this to happen? Get them all out of here. Open some windows.

3. I can’t believe the only stipulation in her will about the fate of her ashes is that they not be allowed anywhere near water. She was so weird about water.

4. Randy Newman singing “Feels Like Home”? Ooooooookay……..

5. Are we in a pub? Hey, that’s great! I’ll have an Irish whiskey and a couple of China White shooters. And some of that beer on tap.

6. This seems more like a celebration than a wake. People are laughing about the strange things she said and did in her life. She would have loved that.

7. I notice the people she vowed to haunt did not show up.

8. No memorial stone? No epitaph? No famous last words? But we’ve got a couple hundred copies of her BLOG here??? Huh.

9. I heard that her children and her grandchildren are making the world a better place. She loved them all madly, and they made her so incredibly proud.

10. Okay, if I have any more to drink I’m going to puke. Can somebody PLEASE axe that Randy Newman cd? Good party people! Keep in touch. Love your life.

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