Art du Jour 92


Food. Drink. Sleep. Books. They are all drugs. (Fay Weldon)

It has been over six months since my last art du jour post. I’ve missed that drug.  See, I would add Netflix and Making Stuff to that list.  I admit my addiction to all of the above.

These are the coffee pictures for my daughter.  Her colours are grey and turquoise.  There is a lot of black and white in her kitchen and I know she likes purple, so fingers crossed she will be happy with these.  I am trying to be less chaotic with my creations but maybe it’s just not in me to make something calm and normal.

It’s a lazy Sunday here, perfectly gorgeous fall weather.  We went for a stroll down to the mall and back in search of rimmer spices for Caesars.  Do we have our priorities straight or what?

When we started this ‘update the look of your ’70’s house’ project I professed to not like grey.  Then I said I didn’t like turquoise and I was really done with purple.  Then I chose pelican grey for the master bedroom and both bathrooms and NOW I’m thinking turquoise and purple are really nice and maybe those should be my colour splashes in the bedroom and forget royal blue or red.

So I guess my point here is you can believe what I say today but don’t assume it will be equally true tomorrow.  I’ve made up my mind to never make up my mind.  Or some such nonsense.  Posting this now before I rethink the whole thing.

Happy autumn Sunday.

Art du Jour 87

imageThis canvas sat on my easel for weeks, faceless lady in monster hat, making me sad and wanting to watch murder mysteries rather than finish what I started.  Then I chucked her in with a stack of other stuff I still don’t know what to do with, except to keep it all in a stack under my paint shelves.

Yesterday I decided to at least fill in her face, and the rest just flowed from there.  This no longer makes me sad and I don’t hate it.  Yay!  Mission accomplished.  I love the purple and the turquoise but I have no idea what that hat is supposed to be made of.  Let’s just chalk this one up to January boredom and blues, waiting for the sunshine.

Happy Sunday!

Art du Jour 80

One thing you can say for sure about this kind of art is that it would be hard to duplicate.  Impossible to do the same thing twice.

I love these colours, how the green compliments the deep purple, the layers and the depth and all the weird things you can see if you stare at it long enough.  There was no plan.  The process is much like my writing.  Start somewhere and off you go and who knows where it might all end up.

My gawd I just described my life.

Hope you are having a perfectly delightful Saturday!

Art du Jour 65



When you have a poky little bathroom which will probably crumble to dust before it ever gets renovated, might as well make it fun, right?  Maybe this fits the category of repurposed art,  if there’s a sub category called completely obliterating the original.

That last photo is the before picture.  I mean who am I kidding, this is not a spa in France.  These are beautiful stretched canvases with (what has become to me) boring prints on them.  I perked them up, and it was delightful fun.

Soon my entire house will look like an LSD trip from the sixties.  If you’re coming over, bring your shades.

In a Different Light

It’s the same picture from yesterday, but this time with indoor light from the left instead of bright daylight from the right.

It makes a big difference! Maybe I’ll keep posting this same piece in different places for the rest of the week….in moonlight, fluorescent light, candlelight…..  No, don’t worry, I’m done.

Except to add that the candle colour matches the bathtub

There is a reason why you should look at paint samples on every wall of a room as well as at different times of the day and night before finally deciding on a colour.  As if I’ve ever done that.  But it sounds like a good idea, right?  Right.

Also, don’t paint in the dark.  What would you do without me?  I meant in dim light.  Because it will look surprisingly different in the morning.



Art du Jour 49

Eons ago I bought a beautiful stretched canvas with art on it that I didn’t particularly like. It was the perfect size and shape to cover up anchored screw holes that were no longer needed to hold up a cabinet on my bathroom wall.

I love easy solutions to annoying little problems. I planned to one day paint over it with colours that better matched the weird purple fixtures that the original home owners chose, for reasons I can’t fathom.

One day we are also going to renovate this 1970’s bathroom because the fixtures are looking like hell. Well, they always did, but now they’re worn out as well.

So, the first ‘one day’ finally arrived and the canvas has been repurposed at last.

Here’s the process:
imageI painted over the original with gesso, added some glued on tissue paper and then sponged on colours I like better for the background.
imageAdded butterfly and more bits of printed tissue.
imageAlmost done.  This is the part where I don’t know when to stop.  Shapes with oil pastels, random stencils, ink stamps, splatter, and on and on until…..
Voila!  Done.  Back on the wall to cover up the holes.  Until the renovation.  Hey, it could happen!  This did.

Just Jazzy 156

“There is something in the autumn that is native to my blood—
Touch of manner, hint of mood;
And my heart is like a rhyme,
With the yellow and the purple and the crimson keeping time.”

(Bliss Carman)

jazzy 156 001

Good for you if you never out-grow the inclination to jump gleefully into a pile of autumn leaves. It’s a magnificent way to feel.

Books On The Go

Even though I didn’t need another pedicure I had one done today to keep my sister company and to help keep her daughter in business.  She does a great job.  My toenails are now a slightly different shade of purple.  I’m feeling rather pampered and spoiled.

Rather than a boring account of all the things we did this afternoon, I have a boring account of all the books I am in the process of reading.

I’m kind of at a loss for words.  I’m 30% in (as per kindle) and keep thinking it can’t get any more weird and then it does.

All historical fiction is not created equally – but this one looks like a keeper.  Twentieth century war-time Russia,  love, loss, survival, family.

This one I have to read simply because it’s co-authored by a married couple.  It’s a mystery.  Not just the book itself but how it ever got finished and published without one author choking the other.

After a long hard day of soaking my feet and other strenuous activities I do the eeny meeny miny moe thing and read something, which may or may not include any of the above.  I find reading several books at once keeps me mentally on my toes.  The ones that are painted purple, in case you missed that.

Two For Tea

Well I’ve done it with the red wine again, although this time I did make an effort not to guzzle.  Or tip the glass over.  Those long stems make one’s beverage a bit unstable.  Anyway, I’ve had a couple of glasses because when someone cracks open a bottle it seems a shame to let them drink alone.  I like to do my part and attempt to be sociable.  My teeth haven’t turned purple yet so I should be fine.

I haven’t yet run out of odd things around the house to use as blog topics for my crazy project 365.  So here’s one of them.  I’m sure I must be somewhere around “seven down, 358 to go”.  This picture is one I painted years ago when I first started experimenting with tole.  It reminds me of myself and my sister having one of our less violent tea parties.  Normally we had them outside in the sand box where you could spill and throw things and it didn’t really matter.  Time enough to act like ladies.  This was also during my “way too much detail” phase and bubblegum cheeks period.

Today is the birthday of Buffy St. Marie, Canadian Cree, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist, educator, pacifist, and social activist. I remember her Fire & Fleet & Candlelight album from the ’60’s or early ’70’s, especially the Circle Game song.  If you’ve ever heard her sing, you’ll never forget her very distinct voice.

It’s also Love Your Pet Day, so I’ll just celebrate my enviable state of being pet-less.  Even a pet rock’s future would be uncertain in my care.  (Remember the fish?)  It’s okay.  Here, have a glass of this.  It will help us both forget.