My End of Day Routine

What’s the first thing you do when you get off work?

If it’s at all possible, I go straight home. So I can hurry up and relax.

If I’ve got stuff to pick up or things to run around doing, I get them done as fast as possible so I can get home and kick off my shoes and sit down and do absolutely dick-all for as long as I can get away with it.

Does that qualify as a routine? It’s a hard one to stick with since there’s always some kind of work that needs to be done after I’m finished with my day job. I wish the pay was as good at home. I throw some laundry in the machine, mess around in the kitchen getting something to eat, check Facebook and my e-mail and do my on-line banking and pay bills and see if Plinky has anything interesting to add inspiration to my day. Wow. Sounds like I’m totally on top of things.

The truth is I’m often too tired to do anything except read for a while and fall asleep.

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My Fitness Routine

Ah, yes. My fitness routine. Well.

Routines are just so…habitual, aren’t they?

I’d really hate to get stuck in a rut and bore myself to death with something so mundane as a routine.

And fitness is such a vague term. How fit is fit? I’m not sick. I can walk around and sit down and get back up again. Do light housework. Propel myself out of the house and into the garage. Drive a car. Shop for life’s necessities and even stay relatively alert for eight hours at a time when I go to work.

I don’t know what else you want from me. I could probably do a sit up if I had to, and I can still touch my toes but I don’t really see the point in all that physical exertion.

Hot yoga would probably kill me, so I’m avoiding it. So far this plan appears to be working because I am still alive.

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