Death is Like This

Death is like….

A heavy blanket draped over the ones you leave behind,

Trapping all the tears and sadness underneath it.

Death is like black rose petal memories falling silently to the ground

Where we gather them up and hold them tightly in our hands.

Death is a whispered sigh

Through the weeping willows branches,

A murmur of apology for the grief and the broken hearts.

When you were born, the cord was joyfully severed.

Why should there be any less joy now

When the thread that ties you to this earth is finally broken?

No matter how hard we try to reinforce it to keep you here,

The fragile chain is yours to break.

If this is the time you’ve chosen,

Then all that’s left for us to do

Is let you go.

Death is like taking a trip to an unknown destination.

It’s a little terrifying to leave behind

The only life you’ll remember

Until you get there.

Then it will all be crystal clear –

Your plan, the master plan, the workings of the universe –

Everything at last making perfect sense.

If we listen hard we’ll hear your wings softly stirring

Before your body’s breathing slows and stills.

That’s when we’ll know you’re off and flying,

That you’ve taken all the love you can carry with you

Into another dimension

Where your next adventure waits.

This is not the end of your story.

Death is like a brand new chapter

In the book of a beautiful soul.

Talk Vs. Text


heart to heart

face to face

intercourse of the articulated

elucidated, revelatory kind

I want to look into your eyes

to get the lowdown

the scoop

the inside story

talk to me

touch me

with your hands and with your voice

hefty confabulation

round and heavy and full


no spare and skinny text

so lean and emaciated and gaunt

I want to cry for all that’s missing

give me the heart

and the thrust

and the point

from your mouth and not your fingers

whisper, sigh

shout or mutter

doesn’t matter

breathe into my ear

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