Just Jazzy 134

“Sometimes I do smart things. Sometimes I do dumb things. Most of the time I don’t do anything.”
Gorilla Rising Hintz

I did so accomplish something today.  This wine didn't pour itself you know.

Don’t tell me I didn’t accomplish anything today. This wine did not pour itself, you know.

Just Jazzy 82

Don’t they always say you should do whatever you’re good at doing? (Aren’t they just so crazy smart sometimes?)  I was born with a natural talent for laziness and have spent most of my life trying to fine tune and perfect this skill.  The process is going quite well, but one can never go wrong with extra practice.

Today I plan to be Super Lazy!  That's like normal lazy, only wearing a cape.

Today I’m going to be Super Lazy! That’s like normal lazy, only wearing a cape.