Pretty in Pink


It’s another day in paradise. Going out for dinner again today.  Spent all day yesterday reading a book.  Lived through a crazy thunder-storm last night.  And now the sun is shining like it has no idea it’s fall.  Just another page in this amazing life.  Hope your day has been fantastic too.

Adventitious Halations in a Sizzard

We’re a little short-staffed at work for the next couple of weeks and yesterday we had one of those manic days where I couldn’t get one thing finished before I had to start something else.  The hurrieder I went the behinder I got.  OMG I miss you Laura!!  Waaaaaah!!

There – that made me feel MUCH better.

A drop of 4 degrees in temperature inside my house and a day off to enjoy it is also contributing to my mood up-swing.  I’m not sure when the thunderstorm started last night, but it didn’t grumble away off into the distance until around 5 a.m.  I watched the sheet lightning for awhile through my eyelids and then gave up the fight to go back to sleep and watched it with my eyes open from my living room couch instead.

Lightning #2

Lightning #2 (Photo credit: dmolsen)





This was not one of those storms where there’s a bolt of lightning followed by silent counting (one one-thousand, two one-thousand three one-thou…) and then a crazy crack of thunder that scares the shit out of you.  Lightning lit up the entire sky in rapid flashes – like some kind of demented strobe light show, and the thunder rumbled and roared and rolled across the heavens non stop.  And beautiful beautiful rain poured down on my scorched and crispy lawn.

I knew there was a good reason to ignore the suggestion from the weed people to water my grass.  If you wait long enough a good reason always turns up for everything.  Like my title today.

The word of the day at Wordnik  is halation – In photography, the effect of excess of light, or of adventitious (casual, chance random – I looked it up)  reflected light, on some part of a negative……from ‘halo,’ which comes from the Greek ‘halos,’ disk or ring of light around the sun or moon.

A couple of days ago the word of choice was sizzard – A very uncomfortably hot, moist atmosphere in which one ‘sizzles’ – a blend of the words  ‘sizzle’ and ‘blizzard.’

And that of course brings us to hatchetation – a violent protest against the drinking of alcohol in which the protester attacks the bar with a hatchet – proving that you can make up a word for just about anything that pops into your little thunder addled brain.

See, this is why I never get anything done.  One thing leads to another until I reach some adventitious spot where I just stop what I’m doing and hit “publish” even though there’s SO much more to say about so many fascinating and yet totally unrelated things.

I need more coffee.  It was a long night.

Perfect Weather

How often do we get perfect weather here? Absolutely every day.

It’s always perfect weather for something.

Like taking a walk in the pouring rain. Carrying a bright red umbrella, splashing through the puddles and breathing in the fresh clean air.

When the wind is strong and the sun is hot, I hang my laundered sheets and towels outside and watch them billow and snap and dance on the line. Later when I gather them up in my arms and carry them inside they smell like heaven.

When its dull and overcast and cool, it’s perfect weather for throwing some comfort food in the crock pot, lighting a couple of scented candles, curling up in a comfy chair with an excellent book.

When it snows and blows and is dismally cold, that’s the perfect weather for digging out those fuzzy red socks with the reindeer on them that I got some long ago Christmas and swore I’d never wear. If I’m really lucky, I’ll also stumble upon the matching fuzzy red sweater and scarf that came with them.

When thunder rumbles and lightning flashes in the night sky, I love to sit in the dark and watch it through my rain streaked windows. I know some great, spooky, blood curdling stories. If you’ve heard them before, I can make up more. This is the perfect background weather for sharing spine chilling tales.

Tornados are great for hiding in the basement under the stairs. I’ve lived through one, and if there’s ever another, it will be a good time for learning to more fully appreciate nature’s powers. While I sit quietly contemplating the odds of an afterlife.

And really, no matter what the weather is like – hot, cold, wet, dry, not co-operating with whatever activity I’ve planned – it’s always the perfect topic for starting a conversation or filling up an awkward pause. The perfect reason to whine and complain, with no expectations on anyone’s part that anything at all can be done about it.

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Favorite Sounds

Grandma! Hi Grandma! Guess what Grandma!

Are you staying here for a long long time? I have to tell you something! I need to show you some stuff! Are you going to be here all the way to Christmas? Do you promise? I can’t get my seat belt on! I need help with my boots! And my zippa!

Today we went on a fee-wod twip! We saw a play! And after that we went to Booger King! No, not Booger, BOOGA! Are you going to watch me play hockey? Do you play hockey anymore? How come girls didn’t play hockey when you were a little girl? When you were a little girl was your name still grandma?

Read a story! Tuck me in! Come and snuggle with me! Will you be here in the morning?

Well, that’s a considerably condensed version of yesterdays beautiful sounds. Give me a few more days of ‘grandma grandma grandma grandma!’ and the combination of four little voices all clamoring for attention probably won’t be my ABSOLUTE favorite anymore.

I do love the sounds of silence. But also the rumble of thunder, the call of the loons, rain on the roof, wind chimes, birdsong, the chattering of squirrels and tree frogs, and a train whistle in the distance.

Still none of those, and nothing else that I know of, can compare to the delightful music of a child’s laughter.

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