Art du Jour 53

This is what I did yesterday while my house was being cleaned.
Yep, you read that right. I do not go to work outside my home, or inside it either.
For whatever reason, when someone other than me cleans up in here, I appreciate it immensely. It’s magical.

So, to the sound of my vacuum cleaner, I sat down at my desk and started ripping and pasting. I love red.  And all the colours that go with it, which is ALL the colours.   Seriously, I challenge you to think of a colour that can make red look bad.

In other news, there is no other news.  I am lazy and spoiled and well fed.  Like a pampered cat.  I think in a previous life I may have actually been a cat, and decided to come back to live this one still acting like one.  Except for adding coffee.  And being slightly less hairy.

W just asked me who I’m going to vote for next week and I said I couldn’t tell him because it’s private.  And he said you don’t have a clue yet,  do you?  He knows me too well.  But I have been reading up on the candidates so that I can make an informed decision.  Based on something other than who is wearing the most red in her campaign photo.  There are three women running here!  Isn’t that great?

I have many more red things to incorporate into collages so enough non news for now.

Have a beautiful April Tuesday!  Don’t work too hard.

Give the Girl a Chance

Linda Osinchuk

Linda Osinchuk

roxanne carr

Roxanne Carr

Yesterday we had a municipal election here to vote for our mayor, councillors and Public and Catholic school board trustees. On the weekend I did what any not very politically minded person like me would do, and asked my 12-year-old granddaughter for voting advice.

I told her I thought Linda Osinchuk had been doing a good job being our present mayor.  She’s a very nice person and one of our contact lens patients where I work.  The lady running against her, Roxanne Carr,  is also a very nice person who happens to live right across the street from me. She has been a county councillor for 5 or six years.   And I still hadn’t made up my mind which one I would vote for.  Notice how I didn’t go on about their respective political policies, as if that has nothing at all to do with anything.  My dad used to say that the policies were secondary to the person’s character.  He would always ‘vote for the man’ (there were never many women running for things then) because what party they happened to be part of was the less important consideration.  I suppose I am my father’s daughter in more ways than I know.

It’s quite wonderful, when you think about it, that we have a choice, and that no matter which way it all turns out we can be happy with (or at least not devastated by)  the results.   Another happy thing about our part of the election is how many women there were to vote for in every category.  I’m all for more women in politics.

Kenzie thought about it for a minute, and then decided it would be nice if we gave Roxanne a chance.  She is all about being fair.

It was a close result but the people have spoken and we are going to give Roxanne a chance.  Good call, Kenz.  I’m wondering, now that I live on the same humble little street as the new mayor, if our snow will be cleared with greater regularity this winter.  I mean it would look bad if the mayor got snowed in, right?

Anyway, here’s to you Linda for all your hard work, and here’s to you Roxanne, for all the hard work you have yet to do.  And here’s to Kenzie for keeping it fair.