On My Own Again

The pony tail girls with newly pierced ears!  All pictures for the next little while will be posed sideways.

My fridge has a new look, thanks to some industrious grandchildren.  They were here for two days.  I imagine if they stayed for a week I could get them to paper the entire house.










It was a great visit – they got to spend a day at Galaxyland, go to the Wimpy Kid movie, color and paint, play some kind of queen/guard/chef/servant/royal dog game (I didn’t get a lot of the details straight since all of them were elaborating on them at the same time),  turn the basement into a disaster zone while watching tv (they are great multi-taskers), do stuff on the computer, decorate the driveway with chalk, eat A LOT of pizza and freak out about the crazy rain and thunder storms.

Then just like the end of a wild storm they were suddenly all packed up and gone.  My part-time loaner dog has happily left me too, picked up by the vacationers on their way home from the airport early this afternoon.

And here I am, alone again.  The silence is deafening.  I think I need a nap.

Fun AND Good For You

One of my grandsons has asked for the latest book in this series for his birthday next month, to complete his treasured hardcover collection.

The books are the journals of an ordinary kid filled with hand written notes and simple stick drawings of his daily adventures. They’re fun to read, and it’s easy to identify with the main character and his friends and the situations he gets himself into.

There is also a do-it-yourself book which encourages creating your own diary and drawings. I’ve seen some results, and yes, they’re my grandkids’ and I’m biased, but they’re the best things I’ve ever read.

I know first hand that this series of books encourages a child’s love of reading, his creativity and his feelings of self acceptance and self-worth. Good stuff for any kid.

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