Honey I’m Home

summer 2013 023

When I told my daughter I was flying home on Friday the 13th she said “Oh my God mom, you’ll be the only one on the plane!”  But guess what – the plane was fully booked.  I guess there are a lot of fearless and not so superstitious souls out there. We made it from Winnipeg to Edmonton on time with a flight attendant who looked like Natalie Portman.  Only prettier.  If that’s even possible.

My son drove me to the airport when I left and my daughter picked me up this afternoon.  What awesome kids I have.  And then of course there’s W who made the trip to Winnipeg and back twice, not to mention putting up with me for two weeks in between.  All awesome and much appreciated.  I know, I know, I’m worth it, but still.

So now I’m back in siren city.  It is hot, hot, hot.  We are having the most incredible fall weather.  I will miss the call of the loons and watching the deer wander across the back lawn.  I won’t so much miss the geese honking their heads off in the middle of the night, or listening to the hourly trains as they whistle and rumble by on the other side of the river. I will miss the peace and quiet during the day, watching the eagles soar, and good times with great people.

It was a lovely relaxing holiday.  Still, it’s good to be home.

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Love to Hate

Well here’s a full-bodied character. He’s the alien I didn’t write about yesterday. It’s hot and he’s sweating profusely and very pissed off at himself and the planet earth in general. Lost his space ship in the parking lot somewhere. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

I don’t want to write about aliens and hateful characters because today I feel like deciding what I’d name a boat if I had one. And actually I DO have one, sort of, although it’s not exclusively mine, but a family owned pontoon boat which we refer to as the Good Ship Lollipop. I think it deserves to be called something more original than that.

So that’s what my brain is going to focus on today, and not the personality traits of aliens and why we have the oh-so-annoying human habit of wanting to hate things for pleasure. Sorry, guy on the bench who is probably a really sweet man and was born and raised in Winnipeg.

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