Pictures From Moms Kitchen (Part Four)

This was the most special of occasions, because it was the only time we ever celebrated our daughters July birthday at the farm.  Our son has his birthday in February and we were never off to Ontario at that time of year.  But you don’t have to be the guest of honor to have a good time.

I’m just here for the hat and the food.

Make a wish! Ask for one of these awesome Gretzky shirts!

Hanging out on my birthday with my baby cousin and the headless man.

Oh. My. Gawd. Getting money for your birthday is the Best. Thing. Ever.

Time marches on, the kids keep growing up, the bricks days are numbered and will be coming down.  Yes, sadly, no longer will we pose in front of the faux brick background.  The wallpaper gets replaced, along with the orange curtains and the orange back splash.  On to a lighter and brighter tomorrow.

The great meals and the card games continued, but our family showed up less and less often – that’s what happens when you live far away. The rest of the family was nice enough to send us photos.  And nice enough NOT to say look at all the fun we’re having without you.













Mom and Dad loved to play cards, and UNO was a game that even the littlest guy could play. (In that last picture, does he not look like he’s never had quite so much fun ever before in his entire life?)  When there were so many people around the table and so many skips and reverses, you could stare off into space or take a quick nap before the play ever came around to you again.   These get togethers and card games went on until finally there were those among us who grew wise enough to win against grandpa.  Well, sometimes, anyway.

There was a new house, a new location, a new kitchen, but the games went on.  There are some things you never want to outgrow.

Complete This Thought

copy paste

copy paste (Photo credit: razorfrog)

Start the sentence with I, add one of these words or phrases, and dig deep to finish the thought:…, want, have, wish, hate, fear, hear, search, wonder, regret, love, ache, always, usually, am not, dance, sing, never, rarely, cry, am not always, lose, am confused, need, should, dream…

Feel free to cut and paste and complete it any way you want.  I was going to do a sentence for each of them, but this is what happened instead.  Some muse or other took over and a kind of poetry happened.

What Am I?

I am old

But I want to stay young forever.

I have everything I need and yet

I wish for more.

I hate nothing but hate itself

And fear what it can do.

I hear only what I want to hear

And tune out all the rest.

I search inside for peace

And wonder if this is what it feels like.

Regretting nothing, loving fiercely,

Aching for time to slow down

While I’m running out of it.

Usually life makes me happy.

I am not complaining.

Even though I dance awkwardly

And sing off-key.

I never can stay sad for long

And rarely cry about anything

But I am not always brave.

I lose focus and become confused.

I need the quiet to bring things back

So I should appreciate it when it’s all around me.

Sometimes I dream so hard I can’t wake up.

More Time, Less Time, No Time At All

What I Wish I Had More Time For………. explaining why this title is all wrong because it ends with the word For.

I wish, I wish, I wish.

I wish I spent more time doing dick-all.  Going to work and putting money in the bank and feeding and housing myself keeps me from dedicating more time to the lofty pursuit of complete inertia.

If you want the actual truth though, I believe I’ve given up on the whole idea of wishing in general and I’m just enjoying being immersed in the present moment in time living in this beautiful universe which is unfolding as it should.

Gawd, it sounds like I’ve had too much to drink.  (I wish.)

I know I’ve said this many many times before, but it’s the best advice I ever got so I have this uncontrollable compulsion to pass it on.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

Case in point, the guy who wished to be married to a much younger woman so the wish fairy made him 99 years old.  Your wishes can backfire.

So I’m officially taking back that wish for doing nothing because with my luck I’ll end up in traction in a coma, or totally dead.  As opposed to mostly dead, which might even be worse.

Not wishing for something more intelligent to pop into my head or for more inspiring prompts.  Or less rain and more sunshine, or the other way around.   I wish for nothing that I don’t already have, or possess the power to achieve or to obtain.   Life is good.  I think I’ll live it, and not wish it away.