Word of the Day: CREST

Word of the Day Challenge – Alternative haven for the Daily Post’s mourners!

I did not know I was one of the mourners of the defunct Daily Post until today when I got smacked with a blast of inspiration on seeing the word “crest”.

Crest! Toothpaste! That delightful standing up thing on a bird’s head! The ridiculous looking standing up thing on top of a knight’s helmet! The top of a hill. The frothy high edge of a wave. A mountain ridge or a roof peak. The high point of an action or a process. Like, my excitement crested when I read the first chapter and it was all downhill from there.

On my desk I have a coaster depicting my old high school crest. It was a gift of a little souvenir from my sister who helped organize and then attended our high school reunion earlier this summer. That was either incredibly brave of her, or insanely stupid, I haven’t decided yet, it could go either way. But I got this coaster, so YAY!

The leafy border represents peace. The torch is for knowledge. Crown, Aladin’s lamp (?) school motto in Latin. My research fell a little short. I studied Latin in high school and I remember translating “Labor Omnia Vincit” as “work will kill us all” but apparently it means “work conquers all”. So slightly more upbeat than my interpretation. SDHS stands for Saugeen District High School, but the name and the building have since changed. High was replaced with Secondary and now the crest banner is SDSS. So my coaster is vintage, hey?

For the picture I propped it up on one of my current classy coasters to show you how my sister attempts in small ways to make me appear more grown up. This is known as amissa causa, or a lost cause.

Summer here has been busy and eventful in spurts with teen grand daughters staying and a visit from my sister, one her daughters and her grand daughter. We haven’t seen much of our respective families through covid, but hopefully that’s changing now. After busyness comes supreme relaxation and I take my down time very seriously. The blog as usual takes a back seat (rursus sedes?) I missed my calling as a latin teacher obviously.

W comes home tomorrow so either I will not write another word until Christmas or he will provide me with endless subject matter. Another situation that could go either way.

Light and love.

For The Love of Words

It’s ‘learn a new word day’ today, and yes, I did just make that up.  I have no idea what day it really is.  Although tomorrow is the longest day of the year, and that’s pretty exciting for us people who love summer.

At Wordnik the word of the day is ESTIVATION – the act of passing the summer.  It’s a new one to me.  The opposite of HIBERNATION.  Both these activities greatly appeal to me.

The first random word that came up (also clickable under Et Cetera, bottom right) is AMBULANT – moving or walking about.  So let’s all get out there and be ambulant during our estivation.  Or not, depending on the temperature and the humidity.

Great site, hey?  Can’t believe I missed yesterday’s word – PHANSIGAR which means thug.  Although I’m not sure how I might have worked that one into casual conversation.

I’ve also just subscribed to Chorus –  (because also under Et Cetera I clicked on “have a word press blog?”) –

Be inspired while you blog and help your readers discover great content.

Chorus is a new tool for bloggers that helps make your awesome content even more relevant, interesting, and serendipitous.

I’d settle for relevant, interesting and serendipitous without the “even more” bit. 

All I was doing was looking for a great F word for the Alphabet Soup category and all this garble is the result because I didn’t find one any better than the one I’d already thought of, which is what I’ll be going on about tomorrow.  Or not, depending on the temperature and the humidity, how long the day ends up being, and the number of phansigars I encounter ambulating their way through their own personal estivation.

I think I’m a word-aholic, with no great desire to recover.