Listen to Your Mother

If you had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, what would you say?

The whole world, hey? That’s a pretty big audience. And for two whole minutes? That’s a long time to get people to listen, considering that most tv commercials are about 30 seconds long and there’s a lot of people out there with the attention span of gnats. Never mind all the deaf and the blind and the myriad of different languages and dialects and cultures. And the time zones! Half of my target group will be sound asleep!

Whatever, here’s my best shot. For two minutes, I AM YOUR MOTHER. And lots of moms have their most inspirational moments while gazing at the peaceful innocent face of a sleeping child. I don’t care if your mother never did that, or you never knew her, or she’s long gone. Visualize and play along. It won’t kill you.

I want you to be happy. But I cannot make that happen. The happiness you seek is already inside of you and YOU are the only person who can find it and nurture it and make it grow.

Take good care of yourself and the things around you. Eat your vegetables. Clean up your mess.

Be grateful for what you have, and content with who you are.

There is beauty everywhere. If you can’t see it, you aren’t looking hard enough. Close your eyes. Reach out and touch it. Breathe it in. Feel it in your heart.

If you want something, work for it. Offer your help and you’ll get help in return, sometimes without even having to ask.

Be kind to your brothers and sisters and respectful of your differences. Stop arguing. Stop fighting. Stop making so damned much noise.

You may make your own choices and do your own thing, as long as you don’t hurt or harm anyone else. Remember that words can be just as hurtful as physical blows. Choose carefully what you say.

Love each other. The more love you give, the more love you get.

Live in peace and live in this moment. “Right Now” is all there is, so make it the best it can be.

If you do all these things, you will experience joy. The world needs a lot more joy.

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What Is My Favorite Word

 What’s on the menu?  What’s up?

What? is for ‘what do you want’ when somebody calls your name.

What? is for ‘ what did you say? I didn’t hear you’.

What??!!  means ‘are you kidding me? You cannot be serious’.

What the….. can be followed by many and various expletives.

What? can mean ‘what are YOU lookin’ at??’

What? means I can’t believe you actually said what I think you said.

What? is short for ‘omg what was I thinking’ when accompanied by a slap to the forehead.

What was that?

What day is it?

What am I doing here?

What are we going to do NOW?

What makes the world go around?

What do you get when you fall in love?

What’s on tv?

Yeah, well SO WHAT??

What? You don’t think what is a great word? What would we do without it?

Without what, we’d never know what was what.

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A Place in the World

Just seeing the word “favorite” on my computer screen is suddenly making me want to spit. Or gag, or some such unlady-like thing. Sorry, but I don’t know what my favorite place in the world is, because I haven’t been everywhere yet.

So here’s where home is at the moment. Nicely far away from huge bodies of water. Not too close to the equator or the north pole. Mountains on one side, prairies on the other. Sky above and earth below.

For one insane moment this morning I contemplated putting a post-it note face up on the floor and rolling a globe down the hallway to see on which part of the world it would choose to stick itself. And then that could have been my new all time favorite place in the world. But with my luck it might have ended up somewhere in the North Atlantic, making my ‘choice’ difficult to justify.

So I’ll just be vague and say Canada would be on my list of nice places in the world to be. I’ve been to Scotland, and it’s nice too.

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