Before The Lights Go Out

Writing to me is like chocolate ice cream on a hot day – it’s delicious.  I always wish for more.

Since 2006 when all this blogging started, my purpose has shifted, changed, gotten lost in the jungle.  In an attempt to get back on track, I’ve taken a stab at creating order from chaos.  And much like moving house to start over, I’m re-writing, revising, improving, fine tuning and plunking down what I hope is nothing but the good stuff here on its own set of pages, even though I sadly neglect them for days and months at a time.

These are my Lara and Ainslee stories, about sisters who are in and out of each others lives, based (perhaps not loosely enough) on the relationship between my real life sister and myself.  Turns out I don’t know her as well as I thought I did and getting into someone else’s head is hard.  So it’s turning out to be about 90% from Lara’s perspective.

I don’t trust my memories as being the absolute truth. So I make things up. If you have a completely different version of what went on that’s great. This interpretation of history is all mine, skewed and flawed and fabricated. Based very loosely on the truth and the facts. Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or blatantly not when I feel like revealing the guilty for all the world to see.

I apologize to my sister for implicating her in many of these tales. I love her dearly. I hope she will forgive me.

Who knew this would all turn out to be so much like work?  But it’s cold, sweet, creamy chocolate work and I don’t want it to ever be finished.  Happily for me, I’m such a blabber-mouth, there’s no end in sight.

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