Art du Jour 49

Eons ago I bought a beautiful stretched canvas with art on it that I didn’t particularly like. It was the perfect size and shape to cover up anchored screw holes that were no longer needed to hold up a cabinet on my bathroom wall.

I love easy solutions to annoying little problems. I planned to one day paint over it with colours that better matched the weird purple fixtures that the original home owners chose, for reasons I can’t fathom.

One day we are also going to renovate this 1970’s bathroom because the fixtures are looking like hell. Well, they always did, but now they’re worn out as well.

So, the first ‘one day’ finally arrived and the canvas has been repurposed at last.

Here’s the process:
imageI painted over the original with gesso, added some glued on tissue paper and then sponged on colours I like better for the background.
imageAdded butterfly and more bits of printed tissue.
imageAlmost done.  This is the part where I don’t know when to stop.  Shapes with oil pastels, random stencils, ink stamps, splatter, and on and on until…..
Voila!  Done.  Back on the wall to cover up the holes.  Until the renovation.  Hey, it could happen!  This did.

27 thoughts on “Art du Jour 49

  1. I protest! Where is the photo of the fixtures? I have never seen purple bathroom fixtures and cannot imagine them. I do like the color, but admit they sound hideous in a bathroom. Blech. Acceptable bathroom fixture colors:

    – White.
    – White.
    – Bone.
    – White.
    – Ivory.
    – White.
    – Possibly, just possibly, beige.
    – Never black (every…ahem…”splash” mark shows. ew.)

    When my parents bought our house in New York, every room was colored either powder blue or Pepto-Bismol pink. The kitchen and both bathrooms were the latter, including melamine counters (complete with Jetsons-style gold flecks with Star Trek logo-shaped outlines), ceramic wall tiles, appliances, and fixtures. Gross. The Pepto color always elicited a feeling of nausea-by-association.


    • Purple is a little misleading, sorry, they’re mauve. Or lilac. No, damn it, they’re purple. Gah. Our tiles are also purple/mauve.
      All that pink and blue does sound almost as gag worthy. I had pink lace curtains in my kitchen once! No, I don’t remember why I thought that was a good idea…..
      I agree about the bathroom colours. Dark looks nice but is too hard to keep clean.

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      • In my failed-gentrification neighborhood where I once lived, comprised of Craftsman bungalows with heavy beams and dark woods, many residents lightened the mood with frou-frou pinks of various shades, coating the walls with pinky paints, the furniture with pinky posies, and the windows with pinky lace panels. Making me want to pinky puke.


    • Ha! Kind of like those crazy flower print bed sheets that bordered on psychedelic. This kind of art is trendy at the moment…my great grandchildren will be rolling their eyes. 😄


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