Never Say Die

Here we go again with the questions you never wanted to ask and the answers you never wanted to think about.  Come on, read it anyway.  Things you don’t like are usually good for you.

Have you ever wanted to build your own house?  What would it look like?  My mother always used to say there was an ideal house for every stage in your life.  On your own, newly married, with little kids, with teenagers, with an empty nest, retired, needing care.  But who wants to start over that many times?  Your needs are met and then they change.  So yes, I’ve wanted to build a house.  I love the look of an A-frame chalet with towering windows, a huge stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling and an open loft.

But – so many buts.  It would look rather silly in a city suburb, next to a mall.  Too many windows to clean, too many stairs to climb.  It was, and still is, a lovely dream.  I’ve designed it a hundred times in my mind, perfecting all the details.  Probably the reality could never live up to my aspirations. I’m not unhappy if it remains a castle in the air.

What’s your favourite way to cook eggs?  Broken, flipped, mutilated.  It might as well be my favourite, because that’s how they end up.

Do you think people can change?  Well of course they can.  The process starts with growing up.  For a lot of us, that period in our lives is very long and drawn out and we think we’ll never get to the end of it.  If you learn one new thing a day, it’s impossible to stay the same.  How great is that?  You need never be stuck with whoever you are right now.  You can just keep on getting better and better.  Promise yourself you’re not going to die until you’re perfect.  My gawd, think about it.  You could live forever.

Share a story about someone you admire.  It’s Mother’s Day.  I admired my mother, although I never told her that.  She would have been embarrassed and shrugged it off because conceit to her was a deadly sin.  Funny how the people who have every reason to be proud, generally aren’t, really.  Mother’s are a strange bunch.  Even when they’re doing a crappy job, they mean well.  Hug your mother today.

When you need creative inspiration, where do you go?  To sleep.  By the time I wake up I’m usually over it.

Do you support same sex marriage?  What a funny word – support.  Do same sex marriages, or opposite sex marriages for that matter, need my encouragement?  Does ANY marriage need me to be an advocate for it?  Go ahead and get married to whoever you want.  Make the choices and the promises that work for you and leave the rest of us out of it.  Because, guess what – it’s really none of our business.   People are people first, and sorted out into categories second.   Any loving relationship can be a beautiful thing.

If tatoos lasted for only one year, would you want one?  Are you kidding?  Go through all that pain and agony to have it fade away to nothing in a year?  There’s a reason why it’s done with sharp needles – to ensure that you’re damned serious about it and willing to suffer for it and live with it forever.  Sort of like marriage in a way.  As for me, just give me one of those painless stick on ones that disappears after a couple of showers and I’m good to go.