Art du Jour 25

If you want to make a rather disgusting chalky black mess, charcoal is definitely the way to go. Look how sad this lady is.  She is hoping her soulful eyes will draw your attention away from her dirty face and neck.

This drawing is actually black and white, but my photo makes it look sepia-like. Lately there is just not enough daylight in a day it seems to get anything done in natural light.  So I will carry on in the dark.

Tomorrow I am putting the pencils away in favour of messing about in the kitchen.  There are tart shells waiting to be filled with an astounding amount of glucose.  And a ton of fudge in my future.  If all goes well there will be pictures.  If not, forget I said that.

18 thoughts on “Art du Jour 25

  1. I just did a post on Angelina Jolie and it was slightly freaky when I clicked on this image and with a quick glance, thought you had actually drawn Angie herself. I did one of those double-take things, then laughed at myself. It’s the very full lips I think, but the eyes have an Angie quality as well. I should have had you illustrate my post…and yes, please post photos of the items set to cause a monumental sugar rush.

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  2. It’s a beautiful picture. You have captured soul. I love charcoal despite any mess. I’ve bought two lovely boxed sets of mixed variety as Christmas presents for two of my brood. And hoping for such splendeid results when they get their hands on them. Wet-wipes at the ready.
    Fudge for me. 🙂

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  3. Fantastic drawing! WIsh I had talent in that medium 🙂 The fudge sounds amazing– hmm I think I will look in my pantry and see if I have stuff to make fudge!!


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