Art du Jour 72


Previously I mentioned somewhere that it was too hot to breathe. I like breathing and don’t want to stop anytime soon, so I’m thinking a fierce and crazy thunderstorm might help to disperse some of this heat which appears to be happily settled in for the duration.

“For the duration” is an expression my mom used a lot about many things. It’s a good one and I like it. It means for the whole time that something continues; for the entire period of time required for something to be completed; for as long as something takes.

This 16 x 20 inch (40.6 x 50.8 cm.) work of art on canvas took me about three days to complete. Here is a breakdown of actual time spent on it.
1. Ripping up paper and map pieces – 20 minutes.
2. Pasting stuff everywhere, including on canvas, desk and fingertips – 30 minutes.
3. Spritzing on ink and colour and water and letting it meander – 10 minutes
4. Staring at unfinished piece during drying time while thoughtfully contemplating next step – 2.5 days.
5. Adding final touches and sealer – most of this morning in fits and starts while doing many other things.

I don’t know how to speed up the staring time. There is a lovely ghost-like dementor shape floating across the canvas and I didn’t want to obliterate it. But it did fade into the background. Perhaps I’m the only one who will ever notice that. Excessive staring has its perks.

My plan for the duration of this heat wave is to keep the ice-cube trays full and the fans on high. And listen for the distant rumble of thunder bringing cooling summer rain.

22 thoughts on “Art du Jour 72

  1. Oh Lin – I can’t decide what I enjoy more…. your art …. or your humor…. Together = Bliss “for the duration!” 🙂

    I adore this piece. One day – when I grow weary of some other hobby I am currently endeavoring, I will try these amazing multi-media collage masterpieces I am so drawn to! I adore this one!

    I think I see the “ghost.” Is it in the bottom right half? I see a “human” silhouette.

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    • Hmmm…I don’t see what you are seeing, but that’s one of the joys of these things. There’s something that you’re drawn to, or that pops out at you. Or that gives you a migraine. haha. I hope you do try this! You are so creative with your cards and water colours I think you’d love it. The dementor is the brown shape in the background taking up all of the canvas, starting with the head at the top just right of centre. To me it looks like a floating apparition. (Maybe the heat is getting to me worse than I know?)😄

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  2. Is it the big brownish piece? I’ve stared but I don’t have days for it! I think I see it or it could just be that I’m demented here with too much rain. Swap you some rain for heat unless it’s that muggy kind with no sun. :/

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  3. This piece is beautiful! Heat wave and dry spell here too. We’ll reach the triple digits next week with no rain in site. Thank goodness for air conditioning, indoor activities and ice cream!

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    • We had the chance to get central air with our new furnace but decided there’s normally too few very hot days every summer to warrant it. Rethinking that this month….lol. Our basement stays nice and cool though. And yes, the ice cream is a great help.😄

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  4. We FINALLY got some rain today! Cooled down 20 degrees. Took a 2 hour nap! LOL! Love your collage. Funny how if we stare at something we create long enough, we start seeing other images! 😊


  5. I like breathing too. And I think excessive staring is important. I don’t know how you could reduce your excessive staring time and I’m not sure if you want to if it resulted in this beautiful collage.

    I like the repetitive circular shapes, the measuring tape images and the checkerboard patter. And that dragon fly. I also like that people see different things. I too, see a figure in brown in the background moving through. I like it!

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    • I’m so happy that you see all those things and like them. 😄 I tried to be a little less “busy” with this one than my normal conglomeration of random things everywhere. Staring time in either case doesn’t really change.


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