Art du Jour 79


Twenty days of blog neglect must mean I have at least half that many lame excuses for it, so yes, that’s what comes next.

But first, this is a drawing requested by my 14-year-old grandson of some random YouTube guy.  Two of my granddaughters knew right away who he was supposed to be and even told me his name.  However, as talented at portraiture as this grandma might be, remembering names is not her strong point.  So call him whatever you want.  I don’t think his teeth are that weird in real life.

Here’s what’s going on in my life, in random order of importance

  1.  After many scaredy cat delaying tactics I finally got up the nerve to sit down and figure out how to take a blood sugar reading.  The first few stabs at it were incredibly frustrating but now I’m poking my finger tips with sharp things three times a day like a pro.  So come on, how hard was that?  You think you can’t do something and then you find out you’re not such a wimp after all.
  2. Results of my mammogram were normal.  Can you imagine being the person who spends her day flopping boobs on to glass plates and squishing them in different directions?  Don’t ever complain about your job again.
  3. Bone density test was also normal.  So now I feel I can blame a large percentage of my weight problem on seriously dense bones.  Those things are heavy, man.
  4. The radiologist who looked at my abdominal ultrasound noticed some sort of mass on or above my uterus and has advised a pelvic ultrasound to investigate further.  This of course scares the hell out of me, but what can you do except make the appointment and show up for it, right?
  5. I spent a day at the Hip and Knee clinic with W learning all about his upcoming hip replacement surgery, scheduled for November 3rd.  He will be in hospital for three or four days, and unable to drive for six weeks.  So basically, totally at my mercy.
  6. The hand rail for our basement steps has been missing since we removed it when we moved in to this house, so we could get furniture down the stairs more easily.  For over thirty years I have been suggesting that we should put that thing back up before one of us falls head first into the rec room.  A cute little nurse at the clinic insisted that there must be a hand rail or W would have to refrain from using the stairs after his surgery.  The tv is down there.  The handrail is now up.
  7. Next week I go to the Multidisciplinary Care Clinic in the Primary Care Network building to learn how to cope on a day-to-day basis with my medical condition.  Now we just have to decide what exactly my medical condition is.
  8. If you know me even slightly you will know how much I dislike schedules and regimes and rules and itineraries.  I prefer to be an undisciplined brat.  However, I am now keeping a log of my blood sugar readings, blood pressure when I remember to take it, and every single thing I eat and drink every day.  I hope I am burning a lot of calories writing all this shit down.  This record is a requirement for my appointment.  They even make you write it all down in pen, I suppose in case you are tempted to make untruthful revisions.  As if I would do that.  With my erasable ink pen….
  9. Almost every day I go for a walk.  Some days I feel like I could go forever, and other days just putting my socks and running shoes on wears me out.  I find having a purpose and a destination works better than wandering aimlessly about the neighborhood.  The mall is my favourite destination.  Buying random things like a ridiculously long shoe horn from the dollar store for W because he won’t be able to bend over after surgery seemed like an admirable purpose.  I’m sure I can think up many more like that one.
  10. My middle granddaughter is always looking for paper to draw on, so when I was visiting them I gave her my big partly used white paper sketch book.  Within minutes she had drawn a head with a beautiful face and glorious blue hair.  It’s possible she’s filled the entire book by now.  Anyway, I need a new one and can’t possibly do any proper sketching until I get one.  What my excuse is for neglecting all my other art is a mystery.

And that’s it!  A not so brief summary of my October so far.  We had Thanksgiving dinner in there somewhere.  It caused my highest blood sugar reading to date.  I blame the sweet potatoes.  Better them than me.

23 thoughts on “Art du Jour 79

  1. I will fight to the death to stave off the day when most of my time is taken up on health related crap. Ignore it all until one day you just don’t wake up…that’s what I say 😉

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    • You know, I was thinking I should just stop subjecting myself to all these procedures and tests and live in blissful ignorance. However, W not being able to walk without pain is kind of hard to ignore.
      So I guess there are limits. But yes, it’s dumb to spend all your time making sure you live a long life if that’s all you’re going to do with it.

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  2. All this *fun* AND you’re heading into winter… oy, do stock up on drawing paper. Or maybe it’s a good time to make those folk-art-ish dolls of wooden spindles and balls, sew a dress, paint on a face, glue on some hair and maybe a hat.. have you already made these?


    • No, but that sounds like something my sister would be really good at. Makes me think of making Barbie doll clothes (shudder). 😄
      Our fall weather has been simply amazing this year. When the snow comes I think I might drive to the mall and walk inside. I will be known as the mall lady. Well, hopefully nothing worse than that. lol

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    • Isn’t it funny how we are sometimes so busy taking care of everybody else that we forget ourselves? No worries about running out of art supplies here. Keeping stocked up is something I have no problem doing for me. Craft stores want me healthy. 😄

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  3. Glad you are keeping your humor through all of this pricking and probing! 😳 Been there myself! I think the not knowing is the worst. You’d think they could tell you SOMETHING after all these tests! I hope the mass is nothing to worry about but please keep posting! Art has really helped me over life’s hurdles and I’m here to cheer you on my friend! 😊 Hope your husband’s surgery goes well! ❤️

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    • Thank you Jill! Yes it’s the things we imagine that are often ten times worse than the reality. I will make art my therapy. And getting back to blogging daily my priority. You will be sick of me very soon. haha😄


  4. Happy that you are taking all of these with a brave and big heart. Diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure runs in my family. And about two months ago I was told to take care of myself or else. Now Im used to doctor appointments, blood tests and taking my blood pressure 4-5x per day. Counting the calories I eat and recording how many kilometers I’ve brisked walk everyday. Now I carry a self care journal together with my art journal. Keep up with the positive attitude. Big hugs!!!

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    • Thanks Carrie❤️. All those things run in my family too. It’s easy to get so wound up in your own problems that you forget about everyone else fighting brave battles for the same or worse things. Big hugs to you too.

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  5. “…what can you do except make the appointment and show up for it, right?”

    Tryna see if I have other helpful suggestions… Uh, you laugh until you cry. Keep on keeping on. One foot in front of the other. Laughter is the best medicine (though — sorry to say — I’m not sure if it’s most efficacious when taken in pill form, or as a liquid. Or maybe it has to be a gas, yknow, like at the dentist’s?)

    To sum up: breathe the funny in deep; you’ve got things to hold onto, so I suggest you take that handrail with you often; dudebro’s teeth look just fine to me; and always remember how many of us are holding you in our hearts.

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    • Breathe the funny in deep…..perfect. That’s my new mantra. Also making a supreme effort to get back here and involved in reading all the excellent things people like you have to say every day. Your comment makes me realize just how much I’ve missed it all. xxoo

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    • Yes, I hope so too! Getting a little tired of going for these things and immediately getting a call to come back in to see the doctor to discuss the results. If they would just stop doing the tests we would all be blissfully unaware of potential problems!! lol Good thing I don’t run the world. 😄

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    • Thanks maizie❤️ Yes, I will have little else to talk about but isn’t that what makes old age exciting? Huh. Maybe not. Thanks for thinking of me…you are in my thoughts too.


  6. One of the reasons we sold our home and moved to an apartment is that our bodies take so much time on maintenance now, we can’t spare the time for keeping up a house. Over the last ten years my husband has accumulated 17 specialists! My knee surgery in August failed, so it seems I’m headed for a knee replacement. But in spite of all our health issues and having to use a walker and a wheelchair(the wheelchair mainly for airports and adapted to help carry luggage), we walked and climbed for two weeks through 23 villages, fortresses, and cities in the last two weeks in the South West of France. I realize now that most of us die one part at a time, but as I sit here looking out my windows at the fall colors and the birds flocking to the feeders, I rejoice that I have more functional body parts than non functional and can still find much joy from beauty, family, tenderness and love in life.

    Sorry you are having maintenance issues, but I’m saying a prayer that you will find joy in the many blessings of life. I know you will, because I’ve seen that capacity in your posts and your art.

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    • I’ve heard knee replacement is a more serious procedure than hip replacement, so I hope all goes well for you. I’ve been ready for a few years to downsize and leave the maintenance up to somebody else. Can’t see the point of leaving it until it’s an absolute necessity. But I live with superman who still believes he can do it all. Yes, whenever I start to feel sorry for myself I have only to think about the incredible life I’ve already lived to give my head a shake and get over it. Thanks Eileen, you are one of this worlds beautiful souls.


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