How Do I Love Thee January?


Let me count the ways.  A list of all the good things about this winter month from hell.

  1. There aren’t any.
  2. Just kidding, there’s got to be something.
  3. Penguin Awareness Day is coming up on the 20th (and Squirrel Appreciation Day on the 21st).  (You can find more weird days to observe and celebrate here). If you would like to ignore the U.S. presidential inauguration there are obviously many more important and worthwhile things happening this month on which to redirect your time and attention.
  4. Daylight is increasing by leaps and bounds.  Or minutes if you want to be realistic.
  5. A week and 2/7ths of this month are over already. Yay!
  6. Many people richer and smarter than I am are leaving Canada and going south to get warmed up.  This means they can feel all smug about the crappy weather they’re missing and the rest of us will be delighted to accept admiration for our perseverance and stoicism in sticking around and facing the elements. I will also happily accept sympathy and pity.
  7. There are all kinds of sales everywhere this month, and this is a good thing for me because I’m so done with shopping from the previous month I feel no temptation at all to be out there saving money on things I don’t need.
  8. There are at least three good things going on in number seven.  So maybe we can round this up at the end.
  9. The shortbread cookies are almost all gone. I think we may be down to our last dozen.  Finishing them is W’s responsibility and he continues to be up for the challenge.
  10. The list of artists who were approached to perform at the inauguration, and refused,  continues to grow.  Penguin awareness Day is looking better and better.

And now I’m going to sneak in a knee complaint just to let all you knee problem people know how much sincere empathy I have for you after my week of hobbling around swearing.  Holy crap a hurting knee is awful.  The other day I sat down awkwardly and it snapped and crunched and shot excruciating pain to all my extremities at once (I may be exaggerating, but only very slightly, really) and since then it has been getting progressively better.  Not the cure I would necessarily recommend. Sitting around with my leg elevated and straight and having W cook and do laundry for me is my favourite method so far.

Okay!  Back to enjoying this gloriously cold snowy overcast day!  There might not be too many more of them left!  I just rolled my eyes so hard I gave myself a headache.

22 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee January?

  1. I bet no one braves the weather just to come over and take up your time because they have nothing else to do, so you must get some peace and quiet. I LOVE bad weather because then I don’t have to listen to those around me do target practice or run their big noisy equipment.

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  2. What inauguration? Penguins, huh? (Can I come live with you and W? I’ll clean the bathroom in exchange for a bread heel now and then.) I hope your knee is still feeling better. I kneel in church on the kneelers much like a dragonfly settles down on a reed — incrementally. Ow, knees..

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    • Sorry, the bread heels are mine, they’re the best part. Cannot understand an aversion to crusts. But a live in person cleaning the bathroom is very tempting….lol
      I think the knee is continuing to improve but I’m still treating it like its fragile just in case. Kind of milking it for all it’s worth maybe. Don’t tell W.😊

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      • Lol. I won’t tell! Once when DH and I were dating, after his many times of finishing off any of our bread heels or brown lettuce, etc., and lending us his vehicle and using his bicycle for the many miles home, when he asked if he could help with supper, I thanked him anyway and suggested he should go in the living and make himself uncomfortable. Oy, you bread-heel people amaze me.

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  3. And I had hoped people in countries with snow would love it ;-). I so so so miss proper snow. I am from the South of Germany now living in the UK. But the weather lady got my hopes up today: we might get a sprinkle tomorrow 😉

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  4. Had a horrific flare up of fibromyalgia last night, so am taking it pretty easy today and finally trying to start with the January posts of the 1400+ I haven’t read. So, glad I saved this one of yours. As usual you lifted my spirits during a rough patch. Husband has been ill and is having a lung biopsy tomorrow. My back surgery seemed to be coming along fine until the fibro hit. Stress city here. Keep the humor coming. You are a life raft of laughter. Thank you.


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