Cin’s Feb Challenge :  Buy a new pen or dig out your fave one.

Yes, okay, I do have a few pens in my house….


….and probably should not be allowed to buy any more.  But hey, who’s going to stop me?

These two containers of pens and markers are on the desk in the bedroom.  I could gather up all the rest of the pens from their various locations around my home, but I won’t because I don’t have all day.

At work I always carry three pens in my lab coat pocket.  I panic if I don’t have three.  If I happen to set one of them down and you pick it up and wander off with it, I will hunt you down.  At one point I had eleven pens in my purse, but I don’t think there’s that many in there now.  If there’s more, that would be embarrassing, so I’m not going to look. Believe whatever you want.


Here’s three I quite like, but not necessarily more than all the others, because choosing a favourite pen is like deciding on a favourite child.  Very difficult to do, and no good can come of it.

The one in the middle I got at a little gift shop at Tintern Abbey in Wales in 2007.  If the writing hadn’t worn off the sides it would look more like a keepsake I guess.  I never use this pen because I want to keep it forever and I don’t want it to run out of ink.  So far this is working well.

The other two are sustainable pens made by Seltzer Goods  and are supposed to be eco friendly and write for seven years.  But that’s not why I got them.  I got them because I like Chapters and elephants and coffee.  And pens.

While I was writing this (without a pen) W actually had the nerve to take that black pen from this serious little group photo and claim it as his own!  He says he likes it because it’s not one of those inky gel things.  I started to protest that he can’t have THAT particular pen and he had the nerve to interrupt me by asking if I didn’t think I had so many damned pens that I wouldn’t miss it.  The nerve.

Of course I wouldn’t miss it if I hadn’t seen him take it.  Men are so weird.