The Other Three Bears


Cousin “Baby Elaine”, Little Sister Ann, and me… Child of the Three Bears Skirt

I may not remember this moment (circa 1954) or why we called our cousin Baby but never referred to the littler sister that way, or posing with them all dressed up in skirts with straps, holding hands and no doubt being cajoled into saying cheese…but I will never forget that three-bears skirt of mine.

Just by looking at us you will understand how hard it was to compete for attention with these two gorgeous little Shirley Temples in my life, but I wonder if that day it didn’t bother me so much.  Because I was wearing the best skirt in the universe.  It was red corduroy with brown and white fuzzy appliquéd teddy bears, a birthday gift from a maiden aunt who always gave us birthday gifts to remember. Then she got married and had kids of her own and after that didn’t spoil us quite so much. She’s the one who cemented my love of all things red. There was also a shiny red faux leather purse another year.  But that fabulous skirt was still the best.  It was brand new, not a hand-me-down, mine first!  I put it on and wanted never to take it off again.

It was probably a very sad day when I outgrew it.  I expect it got passed  on several times to other little girls who loved it too.  That’s what we did with clothes, there was always someone else who could use them and when they were worn beyond repair the good bits got cut up for quilt blocks.  A favourite game was to sit with a quilt over your legs and  find grandmas Sunday dress or your brothers old plaid shirt.

Just so no one gets an overdose of nostalgia or cute I am going to try to limit my maudlin flashbacks to Fridays.  Once a week seems about right.

Here’s to a great weekend, and patchwork quilts full of memories,  and teddy bears,  and all things red.

26 thoughts on “The Other Three Bears

  1. This is the most darling picture of three beautiful girls. My older daughter was born in 1954 so I have fond memories of little girls in the 50s and 60s. I’m also looking forward to your flashbacks.

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    • I just noticed (zooming in) that I appear to be wearing open toed shoes, maybe sandals, with socks! I hope at least one of those pairs were red, otherwise I’m not forgiving my mother. Lol😊


  2. What happened to corduroy (I had to look back up at your post to get the spelling right, that should tell you something)? This made me remember my skirt with tulips, my first recalled piece of attire and maybe my favorite. And I agree with the commenter above – love the flashbacks.

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    • Thank goodness for spell check because I didn’t know how to spell it either. I do remember wearing “cords” as a teen but they stretched and bagged at the bum and knees and made me look fat. So, true or not, that was the end of that. No worries, I have many more cringe worthy fashion bombs from the past to share. 😄


  3. I had an Uncle like that – he was divorced and gave the best gifts! I remember a zippered pedicure set he gave my older sis and I that I still have! 😜 Unfortunately my uncle died unexpectedly from a blood clot at age 50. Still remember that day. I was in my early teens. On a more positive note, my grandma made me an alphabet dress for my first day of school. Your sweet dress reminds me of that dress. (I still have the dress too.) There seems to be a pattern here… Lol! I’m a little long winded tonight. Thanks for sharing your photo and sweet memories! ❤️ xo

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    • I actually sewed a bunch of blocks together from material scraps once, but it was such a lot of work I never attempted it again. My mom was kind enough to take my misshapen mess and quilt it for me. Made me appreciate all the hours that go in to making those things.


  4. Overdoses of cute are good. Just wait until my great grandson arrives! I too had an adorable blonde sister and I was the brunette. But I think I mentioned this before. Today we are both decrepit. We wore those cute little skirts with straps also. I wonder why they bothered? The straps never stayed up. Next came jumpers. I had a new dress once. Got it on my birthday. A white dress made of polished cotton. Good grief you do incite a riotous set of memories.

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    • I always wondered about the point of straps that kept falling down. Sometimes I would cross mine in front as well as back so they’d stay put. We wore jumpers too. I don’t think I own even one dress or skirt now that I would actually wear anywhere. Happy to remember some of them fondly but no desire at all to bring them back.


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