Someone Left the Cake Out

imageOn my first birthday I had already been walking for 3 months.  My sturdy bowed legs were something I always blamed on my mother but she said there was no stopping me.  Obviously the droopy drawers didn’t slow me down either.  Does anyone even remember pinned cloth diapers covered with plastic elasticized bloomer type pants?  No wonder kids were easier to toilet train before disposables became so dry and comfy.  There’s no motivation to get out of them like there was for this bulky chafing paraphernalia.

The old Kodak box camera had no flash, so photos were taken in bright sunlight streaming through a window, or the subject and the props were simply moved outside.  I remember this little three-legged table, one of a pair and eventually used by my grandma shoved up flat against a wall in the sunlight holding potted plants.

This is quite possibly the least attention I ever paid to a cake in my life.
That’s it.  Totally done with standing still.  My turn to play with the camera.

19 thoughts on “Someone Left the Cake Out

  1. Darling you. Most kids had droopy drawers in those days. As we lived in Texas, I had nothing on but a cloth diaper in most photos of me at that age. We had chickens and Mom said my greatest joy was running around naked chasing chickens. Apparently, being a clever child, I figured out early how to dispose of cloth diapers.

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  2. What an adorable, picture book baby! It turns out all babies want the camera, not just 2014 babies (this is a big issue with the baby in our house) 🙂 For what it’s worth, I think your legs were so cute. Also love the cheeky look in the last photo.

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  3. Adorable! I have memories of loving the smell of new rubber pants! My youngest brother was the last one I remember in terry nappies and those. By the time I came to have my own, although I did have a supply of the terries, it was disposable all the way, I feel a bit guilty now at the landfill sites I’ve contributed to with seven kids – no one told us then. Maybe just as well when I think of the work. Although I could probably have saved a fortune. Pampers should have paid me. 🙂


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