Just the Facts

just the factsAnyone remember Dragnet and Joe Friday?  It was one of the first television shows I ever watched.  This guy was always trying to get people to stop voicing their opinions and making wild assumptions about whatever crime he was investigating, and just stick to the facts.  Week after week he had to keep reminding them.  So just for you Joe, five random facts about my day. (With some opinions and wild assumptions thrown in.  Sorry, it’s human nature.  You should know that by now.)

1.  One of the best mood lifters in the world for me is to go to work leaving my house looking like pigs live in it and come home to find it sparkling clean.  I do pay for this miraculous service and believe me,  it is worth every single penny.

2.  I have been studiously ignoring January and not bothering to hate it.  If it does pop into my head I just make a quiet wish for it to go away.  Look how well this is working for me!  It’s over half gone already!

3. There is no kind and polite way to tell someone her kid is a little shit.  Chances are she suspects it already anyway.  (This particular darling boy had two pairs of mangled glasses that looked like they’d been in a food processor.  On high.)  Mom wanted to know why they were such a mess.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t really want to hear my honest opinion so I kept it to myself.  Her child will probably grow out of the glasses mangling stage at some point in his life.

4.  Someone found my blog by searching for “fish hair“.  For once in my life I am at a loss for words.

5.  The temperature outside is two degrees above freezing.  What month is this again??  Back to normal and 18 below (celsius) by Sunday.  Sometimes normal sucks.  But that’s okay.

WOOHOO!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY, Joe Friday.  And that’s a fact.

An Attractive Mood

(image from toonpool.com)

Daily Horoscope: February 23, 2012

Even in your grubby errand-running clothes, you’re undeniably appealing. Yes, they’re looking at you, so don’t just stand there — smile and say hi. Make the world a nicer place, one person at a time.

  • Compatibility: Cancer
  • Mood: Attractive
  • Lucky Color: Red
  • Lucky Number: 8
  • Lucky Time of Day: 9am      

Do you think maybe the people who write these things don’t really understand what the definition of “mood” is?  I’m trying to imagine how I’ll be acting when I’m in an attractive state of mind.  They did of course get the part right about me being undeniably appealing.  I’d be a fool to argue with that one. And red is the best colour ever invented.

Today is Take A Bath Day, Tennis Day, and International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day.  I have no idea how I’m going to incorporate all of these things into one 24 hour period.  I much prefer a shower to a bath, don’t know how to play tennis and don’t enjoy watching it being played, and I don’t have any dog biscuits in the house, or any dogs to feed them to even if I did.  So that pretty much takes care of that.

My sister and her family are back from their Mexico holiday, safe and sound, with some great pictures and beautiful tans.  I went back to work today after my extended Family Day weekend off and it was like I never left.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but you’d think something might have changed there during all that time without me.

We’re having very weird February weather.  It snows such great huge snowflakes that you can hardly see where you’re going, and then the sun comes out and melts everything and then it snows some more.  Right now the melted stuff has frozen, so it’s icy until the sun returns.  Or the snow.  The weather people are flipping coins to make their predictions.  Perhaps they should get a few pointers from the astrology people, and forecast an attractive day, just to change things up a bit.

Thought for the day from my “she said” calendar (Pauline Thomason) –

” Love is blind – marriage is the eye-opener.”

Have a happy Thursday.